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puppy trouble

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We just got a 2 month old puppy (spaniel and aski mix). Not even home for more than 3 days, te little puppy has already learnt to chase our 2 year old cat and 6 month old kitten. The cat hisses and runs, the kitten got a little more guts - hisses and threatens the puppy with his claws.

I know this is a cat site. But do people have some suggestions on training the puppy not to chase cats?
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You can use a old news paper or better wraped in some plastic bag and each time you see the puppy doing that slap the paper in your hand and say very loud no puppy ot what ever his Name is . Thats what i did with my dog and it works . Good luck
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Young puppies,
will chase anything that moves. It is part of being a puppy.
Start him in an obedience class as soon as you can, he will learn basic commands, ie..sit stay no. Give him a lot of exercise like a short walk or playing in the yard, and if you do not have one, invest in a dog crate this is the best way to housebreak him and also after you exercise him you can put him in the crate. When he is out around the kitty put a lead on him, when he goes after the cat tell him no. Once you start obedience class you will have control over his actions. It will take time however, remember to always be consistent, reward the positive and ignore or lightly correct the negative.
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I have a full Eskie (American Eskimo Dog)and they have a very strong prey instinct - he regularly patrols the yard watching for squirrels, woodchucks, even birds. He will chase anything that runs. However, I also have three cats and he learned not to chase them. I adopted him as an adult and had to introduce him slowly and in a controlled manner to his housemates.

He is now trying to play with my newest kitten, although his idea of games is chasing. He loves it if he can get the kitten to chase him back, which it frequently does.

I agree with the recomendation of puppy class and especially leash. Remember, at 2 months old this is a baby. It will take a while for him to connect the "no" to the urge to give chase.
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I had this problem when I brought home my 8 wk old puppy to my 2 yr old siamese. At first she (cat) was freaked out and stayed high on the furniture. within days though, playful curious creature that she is, her curiosity got the better of her and she began to play with Bogey (dog). they are now the best of friends and play all the time. I worry sometimes how rough the dog is with her, but I guess she'll set limits if she needs to. Here they are:
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Here's Bogey and Sumalee in action:
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Oh my! I think the cat may have the upper hand!
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Yes - that was my concern at first too. but now the puppy is bigger - a little bigger than the cat and I fear he will hurt her. she keeps coming back for more though - and it sure is great exercise for both of them. Here's another
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Puppies are sure a challange. Obedience classes are in order, but they really don't get full benefit until he is closer to 6 months old. Some trainers will start at 4 months but that is sometimes a stretch. Puppies just don't have the self discipline or memory to be fully trained so young. You just have to start slow with them.

So puppy has bad manners? Think about what you do to paper train him. Consistent, constant reminders, place him where you want him to be and reward him for good behavior. For the cat chasing, similar strategies....consistent, immediate disapproval (hand clapping, firm "NO", physical separation or restraint - never hit/spank him) when he goes after the cat, then immediately give him an acceptable toy to play with in place of the cat and love/praise the heck out of him.

Good luck!
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