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Stupid People!

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Ok, I am receptionist at a real estate office and my job involves high level of stress. Well, I believe that I am a real good customer service type of person. WELL, a man just called asking to speak to an agent that wasn't here and he asked for a phone number that I apparently didn't have and I told him that. He was then real silent for a couple of seconds. And told me he needed the phone number, and again I told him that I didn't have it. AGAIN, he was silent. And then asked again if the agent was in. I told him that I could give him her cell phone number and then he blurted out, well this ISN'T GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I paused and then I said again, would you like her cell phone number or voice mail? He then said, yes cell phone number please. I gave it to him and then we hung up. OK, I really hate it when I try so hard, and people are JUST SO STUPID! Why would you even bother telling the person they are no showing great customer service when you are apparently ARGUING with the person. Sorry, I had to vent...days like this I just want to quit! Thanks for listening...
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ok, I forgot to mention one other thing...I was put on probabtion from my job back at the end of January for someone complaining that I put them on hold too long (which was probably about 2 minutes)...anyway, I was wondering how long do they actually apply that to you? My probabtion was 30 days, but all in all how long do they really hold it against you????? And, YES...my job is very stupid to some degree. I wasn't even trained right, I was trained by a temp who was only there for 2 weeks...
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Oh my, that is so frustrating! Both the stupid costumer and the probation from work.
I was gonna write about how pissed I was at work the other day, but it was to long, so I didn´t want to step on your thread, so I´m gonna put it in a different one.
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Caprice, you will never be able to please everyone, and customer service can be very difficult. When you're working with the public, I think one of the most mportant things is being able to stay calm and pleasant even when the customer is getting very angry, (and I'm sure you were). At some of the jobs I've worked at, we had the option of asking a manager or supervisor to help us deal with a customer if it became necessary. I don't know if this is an option for you.
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I know how you feel. Today, I had a guy call in, incensed because we had the NERVE, to post a check that he had written, with insufficient funds.

He couldn't understand WHY we would put that check through and cause him to take an NSF hit on his bank account. I pointed out to him that HE had sent us the check and he shouldn't have written a check, when the funds weren't there. Wait until he sees what Chrysler charges him. Depending upon the state, its anywhere from $25-$45, on top of what the bank charges.
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I have worked in front line customer service for a bank and a financial call centre, so I know exactly what kind of customers are out there. The best thing to do is to keep your emotions in check and don't let the customer change how you emotionally feel. If they want to scream, let them. If they want to try to ruin your day, they can try but you are in control of how you emotionally respond to them.

I had many days when customers really tried to raise an emotion out of me, but it didn't work. You gave the customer the option of calling that rep on her cellphone and that's all you can do, end of story. If you ever do get a nasty caller that you think might report you, talk to your manager the day it happens and tell them your side of the story.

Almost all jobs require some sort of customer service, whether it be internal customers or external ones. Just remember that an angry customer is usually angry at the company or product your representing, not you personally.
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I answer phones too, and sometimes I just want to reach through the phone and strangle people!

I do understand. This didn't happen to me, it happened to the receptionist at my previous job. This b**chy woman called and asked for one of the appraisers. B. (the receptionist) asked who was calling and the woman got IRATE! "I'm returning her call! I shouldn't have to tell *you* who I am!" (Yeah, like any business person only makes one call a day!). B. was cordial and put her through to the appraiser. After the call ended, the appraiser came out and started ripping B. a new one. The woman had yelled at the appraiser that the receptionist was rude and she couldn't believe that someone like that could keep her job. All this because B. asked who was calling (as is the norm in most businesses!)! Luckily, I happened to be standing there when the call came in, and I assured the appraiser that B. was not rude, in fact she was quite the opposite considering the attitude on the other end!

It's pretty sad when bosses can't comprehend that we receptionists take the brunt of a lot of anger, and that sometimes we get blamed for things out of our control. Some people just won't be happy unless they are mad about something.
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Thanks for all your thoughts. Most of the other agents told me that it was ok and don't worry about it. I would tell my boss but he is out of the country until next Tuesday I'll be ok, tomorrow is another day.
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People on phones are like people in cars. They disengaged their brain many times. When I was receptionist I once hung up on a man that was berating me. I've encountered lots of stupid people in my career dealing with customers (one actually almost physically attacked me but my boss stepped in and told him to leave if he couldn't calm down and then she took over the job and told him the exact same thing I'd already told him--she let me calm down in the back because he'd actually scared me pretty badly). All I ever think is, "Your parents would be ashamed to see/hear you right now." It helps a little, not much, but a little.
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I also answer phones all day long. Someone said that if the person gets out of hand, ask if he would like to speak to the manager. That is what I do. I have a great boss and he knows me (I've worked here 17 years). He knows I would never be rude to a customer, unless there was no other recourse.

I try to always be polite, but some people are beyond politeness. I told one customer "Have you every heard the adage - you catch more flys with honey than with viniger." He has been the sweetest person since we had that conversation. He was being totally unreasonable. I never yelled at him and I kept my voice pleasant. It seemed to really work.
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Let's see how today goes
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So far so good!! How is everyone else's day going so far?
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