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Cat Wrecking Our Blinds!

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Leo has wrecked quite a few of my mini blinds. He loves to look out of the window and squeezes through the blinds to get to the window sill. The problem is he bends the very edge of the mini blinds till they bend and break off. My boyfriend doesnt want me to lift the blinds up enough to let Leo sit peacefully because he doesnt want anyone to be able to look into the house when Leo decides to leave the window. Plus Leo loves to move from window to window so I can't leave all the blinds pulled up all the time. What can I do?
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Well I had that problem myself a lot of times . Now we only get the more expensive (sp) ones , they go up and down anstead (sp) of from left to right . In some rooms I only use curtains and leave the one site open for the cats to go to the window . But if there is a better idea I sure would like to know myself .
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yep you want to either raise the blinds or get some new ones that run vertically not horizontally.
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Is it possible to put a tint on the window so you can see out but on one can see in?
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The answer is vertical blinds. We have these and have had them up for 8 years and no problems with the cats, they can push them aside to see outside and they cant tear them up. Ours are the vinyl ones and they work great!
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Thanks for all of the comments. I also thought of putting up Roman Shades which is basically fabric that is pinned at the ends to that you can release it when you want to have it hang down. We will have to seriously consider the vertial blinds though.
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