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withdrawal symptoms

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OMG I started new job in a new town and forgot my laptop so I had no way of visiting the cat site until today and I swear I have a rash from not being here.
my new job is great, really good fun but as I haven't found anywhere to live yet I can't bring Otis up here. my parents are looking after him but I miss him sooooooo much. No snuggles in the morning, no greetings that say feed me.
Just after I settled him into my parents house with Willow and I have to move him again. I really hope he will adapt. So how have you all been?
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Hey Cat.

Even though I'm talking to you on the Spam thread- I would just like to say, I hope you're enjoying your 'new life', I'm sorry you left your laptop behind- are you on that now? or someones elses computer?

Oh That's sad about Otis- I hope you get to see him real soon.

I hope to see you round, Take Care.

Hugs, Sam
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on my laptop now
I hope to get a place this week & then I can bring Otis up at the weekend. If not I'll go home & see him & Willow on Friday night. They are not getting on very well
Willow is not impressed by this interlopper!
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I know how you feel! I get jittery if I don't do my morning/evening checks. It's already become part of my routine...so glad to hear you're liking your new job. Hope to SPAM with ya later!

Oh, poor Willow.... and Otis!
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