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Diabetic nutrition

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share some information we learned from our new vet about feeding diabetic cats.

We were feeding Gremlin Hill's Prescription Diet W/D wet and dry food recommended by previous vets. However, when we changed vet clinics (we were tired of changing every few months at the VCA), we found out some things.

Hill's W/D has the reputation of constipating and creating bowel problems in some cats. The new vet said he has seen this several times. He recommended Purina's Diabetes Management formula if our cat liked the taste. He said some cats don't like it much but Gremlin prefers it to the W/D. Also, he said that diabetics should eat more wet food that dry because it is better for their systems.

If anyone has different information, I'd love to compare notes. Dealing with our cat has been difficult because it seems like the vets aren't keeping up with current treatments. The new vet has 6 diabetics in his care and only treats cats, something that was quite a novelty elsewhere.

Hope this helps someone!

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Just my luck, I have some really good info at work. I will have to bring it home Monday and I will share with everyone.
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wondercat, do you know the diabetic cats mailing list? They have some good tips and info and you might want to share your tips with them.

It's a Yahoo group now, used to be egroups. To subcribe you should send an email to diabeticat-subscribe@egroups.com.
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Cornell just came out with a study that shows that by increasing the proteins instead of the high fiber can actually bring cats off of insulin. They said that a cat should be on a diet with at least 50% protein. Which can be found in the wet kitten food. They also said that chromium and amino acid carnitine can also be benificial.
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After having owned and treated two diabetic cats for three years, I just want to say that you must be very careful with changing a diabetic's nutritional routines - especially in the case of raising protein levels. With the higher protein diets, what the study did NOT say was the results showed a lot of the cats ending up with Chronic Renal Failure.

Diabetics are KNOWN for having compromised kidneys. Protein is harder for the kidneys to process than the excess glucose. Cats seem to handle the higher (but not sky-rocketing) blood glucose leves much better. We look at the lesser of the two evils and make the appropriate choices.

Please have your vet do thorough research and examinations on your cat, including blood work to determine renal functions, BEFORE you raise the protein levels in her nutrition and frequently as you go along.

Good luck,

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