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cats in HIGH places!?

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I keep catching my SILLY cats up here on the curtain rods!? Here's a pic of Pepper.. Where else will I see them now?!
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Just realized the other pics of other cats being on the curtain rods are at home so I'll post more pics tonite.
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Holy Crap! How on earth did that cat get there?????????????
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I'm sure they used the cat climbing pole which I had placed near the sliding door. Here's a pic so u'd get an idea of how easy it is for them to get to the rod. I didn't realize they'd be sooo interested in walking on the curtain/blind rods!
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OMG that is funny !!!

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Wow! Kitties sure like to be as close as possible to the ceiling! I wonder why?
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When you are Highly-Born" you are just head and shoulders above the peons!
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Here's a pic of ZEBRA the oldest of all. It shocked me to see her up there!!
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a close up pic of Zebra on the blind rod with Buddy watching in the lower left corner of pic.
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Spike's turn to try to turn his mom's hair white by walking the blind rod! SIGH!
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Buddy walking while Spike and I are watching!
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well-love to see pix of cats impression of the Flying Wallendas-my 3-yr old dsf loves to surprise me with a "peep"-and I look around-she'son top of a door-waiting for me to praise her and get her down-someday when I enter the 21st century, I will send some pix of my family-until then, thanx, all, for brightening my days-
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Welcome to TCS pvida! Just noticed that was your first post!

Love the pics Pamela- Must be scary watching them though!

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OMG! That is too funny! Cats do love to scare the living daylights out of the 'rents, though, don't they?
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Zoey is weird. She doesnt care to go to high places
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great pics!
Could you even imagine climbing like that if you were that size?
Amazing creatures :
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Shows how CURIOUS cats can be and why they have 9 lives! Luckily so far none have fallen off! Keep ur fingers crossed that they won't.

Sicycat, tell Zoey how THANKFUL u are that she doesn't like to get on high places!

I also forgot to mention that as they reach the end of the rod and decide it's time to go back to the post, they ALL will start walking backward on the rod toward the post. It's really funny to watch them trying to walk backward on this THIN rod!

WISH I could videotape them doing that and post online for u all to see! (sigh!)
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*bump for superkitties!
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Thanks! Holy cow that is some highwire act. Hadn't seen the later pics!! Scary!
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love it, yah, I love to see them walk backwards LOL
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Oh my gosh! I think I'd have a heart attack if I found my Spike up that high on just the curtain rod! It does make for cute pictures though.
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That's too funny. Here is mine on top of the kitchen cabinets.
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Our first kitten broke the curtain rod in the living room by walking on it, so we had to get a much sturdier one. I don't have any pics of that, but I recently caught them on top of some high bookshelves...perhaps they have literary aspirations?

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omg, I'd have a heart attack if I saw my boys up that high! Very cute pics though! =D
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I wish I had been able to take photos of pudge as a tiny kitten. She would dash for the door when it opened, just to climb on top of the roof of the house and sleep. She wasn't the world's most agile kitten, so she would roll across the roof in happiness when she saw me and almost fell off quite a few times. I would freak out so badly...
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Kanoe likes to be on top of the fridge... I don't have any pics though.

These are cute!!
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