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I suffer a lot with migraines and have done as long as I can recall - even as a small child mum used to say that I used to hit my head against a wall as it would take the pain away from the part of teh head I get them in - bad huh?
Anyway, I have seen this blue pad like thing that goes on your forehead when you get a migraine - has anyone else tried this and doe sit have any good effect?
I was awoken at 4am this morning with my skull feeling like it had met with an axe. Took me until lunchtime before I could move properly - what a terrible night I had!!!!
Would be interested to hear your opinions/thoughts etc. Someone I know at work has mentioned meditating to calm me down a little - how the hell does one meditate??

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That is a very good question - I am seeing my good friend tonight who knows a lot about natural ways to remedy migraines. I have seen migraine pad thingies at the natural supermarket, I will look into them and see what they contain. I used to get them, and I went to a chiropractor and he said that my neck bones were out of alignment and "put them back" and I have been migraine free ever since.
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would be grateful to hear what you find out - I get them quite a lot and am up for anything these days.


still treading very very lightly
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My sister has suffered with migraines since her early teens. She was on every drug and nothing seemed to work, and she didn't want to be reliant on the drugs.

She started keeping journals to see if there was a pattern. She discovered that half the migraines she had were food related, but the others had no pattern.

Now she stays away from caffeine, chocolate, food dyes, MSG etc. She also makes sure she keeps her water intake up, since she also found she would wake up with a migraine. Her doctor told her to drink water before going to bed because she was probably becoming dehydrated during the 8 hours of sleep. This totally reduced her morning headaches.

Today she might get one migraine a week. She uses visualization/meditation when she feels one coming on. It has helped her quite a bit.

My migraines seem to be weather (pressure) related and I seem to have them worse in the winter months. The blue gel pads you speak of are here in Canada also, but I have never tried them.
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I suffer from migraines quite a bit. I've tried all the ice packs and gadgets out there and for me.. they don't work.

Am currently taking Amerge and it seems to help. Have been on Fiorinal and Immitrex so far. Have had to head out to the hospital on a couple of occasions and put on IV to try to get rid of the pain.

The meditating does help but I believe it has to be consistant. You need to incorrporate meditation into your life on a daily basis. The reason it works is that migraines are often caused by stress. The meditation, in time will help you be more relaxed and at peace with yourself and your stress level will automatically go down as will your migraines (IF that is the cause of them).

I've been told to go to a chiropractor also. Haven't made it there yet.

My last migraine episode was this weekend. It lasted almost 3 complete days. I foolishly left town without my medication and paid the price.

Hope you find something that works for you.

Will read up on the natural remedies when Kellye posts them. I haven't tried them all I'm sure.
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I used to have a chiropractor, right around the corner. If I got to him, just as the migraine started, he could stop it, with a couple of good cracks.

Mine are partially caused by a congenital abnormal curvature of the cervical spine and partially stress-related.

Fiorinal and Flexoril (muscle relaxant) work well for me.
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Kev, if those are the icy things...I tried one with the last migraine I had and along with some Ibuprofen the migraine disappeared within about 5 minutes. I was stunned! It may or may not work for you, I think it depends on how the migraine develops.
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Kev, I talked to my friend last night, and she is going to look into it for you. I plan on going to EarthFare today (hopefully) and I will find out for you what the best remedies they can recommend.
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Kev, has your doctor suggested anything? There are some pretty powerful anti-migraine drugs available nowdays.
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I've had migraines all my life... But i never ever get a head ache with them.. My doctor told me they are a mini stroke... which is what they feel like... First my lips go so numb i cant feel them... then my eyes go blury and i can't see... then one half of my body goes comepletely numb too.. its very scary and i do get a head ache the following day but aparently thats something to do with the blood in my head....I supose there are many different types of migraine... mine are awful
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