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Didn't know going for lunch could make me so mad

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I wasn't sure which forum to put this in, so I hope this is the right place. Anyway, I just got back from getting my lunch at the grocery store, and as I'm leaving I hear a bunch of kittens mewling. So, I look over and there is this girl sitting there, whom I ask "Oh, do you have kittens?" When she says yes I go over to peek at them. I am immediately taken aback, for not only are they tiny, but they're also in this little box, crying to get out, standing in their own feces! So I ask the girl if she found the kittens, and she says no, so I ask where the mother is, and she says it's her cat. I then go on to tell her that these kittens are way to young to be adopted ("Oh, they are?"), and that they need to stay with their mom until they're at least 8-10 weeks. Another woman then came along and picked one up and told the girl that the Feline Network (a rescue operation around here) does wonders and can help with her placing them. I again reiterated that they were too young to be adopted yet, and then left in anger, since I wasn't sure what else to do. I didn't want to stand there and berate the girl, but was there something else I should've said, or was what I told her enough? It just amazed me that she would take them away from the mom so young, and also the fact that they're pooping in the box and standing in it didn't seem to phase her.

I wanted to go back and say more, but I really didn't know what else I could've said/done (aside from the fact of scooping up all the kittens and taking them away). What are your thoughts?
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I would have taken them all- but that's just me! People like that who are so ignorant do not deserve to have cats.
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Yup. We would have taken them too. But we're willing to be sleep deprived for weeks or months to do what needs to be done.

I expect we would have also asked for her phone number, explained to her about having the mommy cat spayed, and I expect we would have offered to help her find low-cost spay services or to pay for it.

But that's us.
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Spur of the moment decisions are hard, and you also had to return to work. I have had moments similar to this, and after leaving and having a chance to think, come up with a solution.
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My mother & I would have taken them in a heartbeat- they were in a disturbing situation , they needed help- but don't beat yourself up over it.

But as everything has said That's Us..

Sorry you had to witness that
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Many years ago a teenage boy came to my door with a kitten. He asked me to take it or his father would kill it.. Of course I took the kitten, but a few hours later it died. I was so sad and angry at the same time. The next day the boy came back wanting to see the kitten and I just went off on him.
If it were me yesterday (being what happened before) I would have taken the kittens and then would have gone right to the vet. My husband would not be happy about it. In my area we have a Rescue Group that fosters animals out until they are adopted.. But that is me the older I get the softer my heart is to these kitties.
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I really did want to take them too, but as I mentioned I was just on my lunch break and there would be no way I could bring 5 mewling kittens to my job. Also, I figured since the girl still had the mother, that it wouldn't be right to take them away from mom, and also I was hoping that the girl would listen to what I said and bring the kittens home, adopting them out at a more appropriate age. But the more I think about it, the worse I feel, and wish I had done more. If I happen to see her again I will take the kittens (and see if I can get mom too) and bring them to a rescue center. Thanks for your input.
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