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Jealous Cat

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Last Tuesday I babysat my friend's cat for two days. She was a beautiful, four-month old black cat named Chilola. She was brought in a cat carrier. When Jake saw her, he hissed and growled at her. I got her out of the carrier and began to play with her. I do believe Jake became jealous. He continued to hiss at her while I petted her. She, in turn, was hostile towards him. When I put the black cat down, I would go to Jake. He would hiss and growl at me to as though he was mad at me. I'd pick him up and told him that I love him. that he is my baby. He would continue to growl. When it was time for bed, one cat was in one side of the room and the other on the other side. After growling at me, I'd pick him up and put him on my chest to comfort his hurt feelings. He did not purr, just lay on my chest all day. He did not play and did not give me kisses. They would both eat of the same bowl even though they each had their own bowl. The next day, they continue to hiss at each other but Chilola is more daring. She would get close to Jake even though he would hiss at her. Another time, she would be laying on a chair with a leg hanging out. Jake would paw it. Then when she was on the ground, she would sneak up on him. When he realized how close she was, he would turn and growl at her. When I wanted to pet him, he would hiss. Not until chilola was gone that he was his old self. Purring, licking my face, playing... I really think Jake has a jealous streak in him. So getting another cat would be out of the question.
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Oh those jealous cats!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean!!!!!
If I pet and love one of the kittens...Merlin growls at them, and hisses, till I stop! What babies they can be!!!!!!
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It seems my experiences w/ bringing in new cats is that the old cat is always the jealous territorial one. But they adapt. If you got a new kitty, Jake would get used to it and be friends w/ it. Just make sure if you do to show Jake special attn. Even if he hisses. He may seem like he doesn't, but he does. He is just mad and doesn't want you to know that he still wants love.
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