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I rescued a baby!

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I went to a friend's house earlier, and there was a kitten about to be eaten by a huge Rottweiller. Apparently the person that she had gotten the kitten for decided she did not want it, and dropped it in the yard as she left this morning. I just can't wait to see this girl again! It looks like a little Himmie, beige with dark points and tail. It is much too young to be away from his mom. I cannot keep him, so I am going to speak to the local rescue groups, and put his pics up in Petsmart. He likes my s/o, so I think maybe he has been around men. He had to be bathed to get the dirt and dog drool off of him, so he is currently wrapped in a towel and a pocket made from rolling up my shirt, sleeping. He is sooo cute. I let Fred sniff him, so Fred is sitting on the floor, doing the new kitten pout.
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Awwwwww, thank God you were able to save him!
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awww that poor kitty how can people just throw animals out all by them selves thank god there are people like you around that takes care of animals and loves them good job :flash:
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Good Job!!!
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awww I wanna see pics!!
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OMG bless you! I wish I could take him in - I would be at your house in a flash!
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OMG, how ignorant and uncaring can people possibly be???? Actually, that's not ignorance, that is abuse. Using one animal to bait another is defined an almost every state's law as cruelty. Oh, and NC does have felony provisions in their cruelty laws. Rebecca, if you want more info on the animal cruelty laws in NC, let me know. But if nothing else you can sure rub that in her face - that she could be facing criminal charges!

Thank goodness you were there to save this little one.
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awww, how sweet! what a wonderful thing for you to do for the baby!!!
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I live in NC, I'll meet you halfway.
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I have to talk to hubby first and see what he says, I hope I can.
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Oh my! What some people do just floors me! Does the baby need a vet visit do you think? Perhaps someone at the vet office will fall in love with it once they hear the story and you will find a home? I would make an appointment at their busiest time and not sit quietly in that chair if you catch my drift!
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Originally posted by krazy kat2
Apparently the person that she had gotten the kitten for decided she did not want it, and dropped it in the yard as she left this morning......
I'm so sick of this disposable society. Thank goodness you came along!
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Oh Thank god you were there, Thanks so much for saving the little one!

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Thank goodness you picked it up. some people drive me mad
I think people should be treated how they treat animals. That would be interesting!!
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You are an for rescuing this little baby!!!!
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OMG that is awfull . That poor thing . It sounds pretty to me . I agree with the vet idea from Hissy , you may can even leaf it there or post that kitten on the board .
Thank you for saving that little angel .
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It is so unbelievable that people can be so cruel and thoughtless.
You are an angel for saving the little kitty, I hope he will find a good home.
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I love posts like this!!!! It's so angering and makes me hate people - but it's so wonderful and makes me love them all over again. You're WONDERFUL!!!!!!

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He is just adorable. He had been with me for only about 45 minutes when I made the first post, was wet, cold and terrified. He has the bluest eyes and the sweetest little face. He has eaten, drank, and littered fine, and loves to be held. He especially loves to be wrapped in a blanket and held like a baby. He wants to visit with the gang, but they want no part of him. I saw the reciept from his vet visit when he was picked up from where ever they got him from, so I don't have to worry about that for now. It is my vet, also, but closed for vacation this week. Since he has no injuries, and is acting normally, I feel safe waiting until the vet returns. I let Fred sniff him, but they hissed at each other, and Fred bopped him on his poor little head. Not hard, just a little swat. He is comfortable in a carrier, so I put the carrier, food, water, and litter box in the bathroom while I am at work. They can all sniff at each other under the door while I am gone. He has already tried to get under the door, but it is low enough so that he can only get a paw under it. The other's paws are too big to get through. My s/o took him from me to look at, and the little one immediately starting purring SO loud. He was told "don't you purr at me" then allowed to climb under his beard for a cuddle. He is such a big softy when it comes to kittens. I don't think it will be a problem to find a home for such a sweet little guy. I am hoping Kiwi will be able to take him. I will be happy to meet her halfway.
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Oh you're so lucky you know he's OK! I'm so glad he wasn't injured. Our gang doesn't take well to new visitors (usually). It takes at least a few days for everything to settle down. It takes a few weeks for Spook to adjust. But the little babies don't seem to mind being separated for a while just so long as they're getting love and attention!

I'm so glad you rescued him! Sounds like he and your s/o might not want to be separated....
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What a wonderful thing to do. Keeping fingers and paws crossed for him to find a furrever home after his horrible ordeal. LDG's right, though, sounds like he's already burrowed his way into S/O's heart (and beard )...he cannot resist "The Purr"
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wow, lucky kitty you were there, your a for helping this baby
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I can't wait to get home and see how he's doing, and if the others have been at the door. 2 more hours!
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He is doing his best to endear himself to the household. He loves my s/o, and slept cuddled to him all night. I took him to eat and potty this morning, and he toddled right back off for more snoozing and cudling. I got some kitten formula for him, and he loves it. He likes the bottle, but pulled the nipple right out of the top, so he has to lick it off a plate.
He came out to visit last night, I think Fred must have gotten the door open, and stood up to Georgia. Backed her bullying little butt right down to the corner of the couch. Fred doesn't seem to like him, but since he isn't staying, it is just as well.
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I'm so glad he's doing well. You sure he aint stayin'?
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I had a lady ask about him for her mother. Her mother's cat passed away recently, and she wants a kitten. I was putting the flyer up at the most expensive groomong and pet spa in town, and she was dropping her dog off for it's nightly babysitting while she is in school, so I feel confident that kitty will be well cared for and pampered in her home. Her mom is retired recently, so she would be home with him all the time for proper spoiling. I really hope she calls back. He is much tooo cute to not get attatched to. He is currently sleeping snuggled up to his favorite spot, next to my s/o. The first thing he did when he came in from work last night was pick him up and snuggle him. Fred has decided to tolerate him. Uh Oh, I may have another cat!
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