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We chose not to have this done to Ron (and don't plan to circumcise his brother when he's born either).

We did a lot of research and in our opinion, circumcision holds more risks and potential damage then keeping them whole.

In Israel, %99.99 of men are circumcised. Both Jewish and Muslim religions include circumcision of all male babies. We did find out that religiously speaking, circumcision was not as important as keeping the Shabbath or eating kosher (both of which we don't practice, same as most secular Jews).

Anyway, I was wondering about other countries - do/would you have your male babies circumcised and why?
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I would have it done, from what i have read there is less change of infection that way and it is cleaner. But I have not looked into it much since I don't have little ones yet.
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In NZ, most males are not circumcised, but hubby had my son circumcised because he was as well. I don't really believe in it but hubby was very insistent.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
....but hubby had my son circumcised because he was as well. I don't really believe in it but hubby was very insistent.
There has been many talk shows and media coverage on this topic. It surprised me when many parents said they had their sons circumcised so they would look the same as the male parent (rather than for health and other reasons). Personally, I wouldn't circumcise and I think there is a growing wave in North America of parents going against the act of circumcision as a norm.

Here's an intersting court case on the subject:


And here's a website on Mothers Against Circumcision with further info.

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If I ever have kids, I don't plan on getting any son circuimcized. But, I'm aware that it may need to be done later for health reasons. A man I know had to have it done at about 1 year of age, because of health problems. I figure if it's there, it was put there for a reason
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I had never seen an uncircumcised male before coming to Europe, where it is uncommon among Christians. (I probably shouldn't say this, but the first time my husband and I were intimate, it took me a minute or two to figure out why his penis looked "different".)I've read many times that there are fewer cases of cervical cancer among women from countries where (male) circumcision is the norm, so I suppose there are pros and cons. I remember attending a circumcision ceremony for two cousins (they were 8 and Muslims) and thinking how horrible it was to do it at that age and in public, so if it's going to be done, then when the kid is an infant!
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My ex husband was not circmcised, and it was disgusting. After we were married, he decided he did not need to impress me by bathing regularly, and he stank most of the time. After I got pregnant, I never was intimate with him again before leaving him. If I had had a son, he would have definitely been circumcised. I had a friend that had to be done at 47 due to diabetes and kidney problems. Apparently not being circumcised contributed to his problems.
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My son is circumsized. I had a little hesitancy initially, because I was worried about the pain factor and wondered if it was necessary. At one point, I remember questioning if I could go through with it.

My husband absolutely INSISTED! He is circumsized. His older brother was not circumsized at birth and had many MANY problems. At the age of 9, after years of struggling with a foreskin that wouldn't retract properly and many painful and humiliating doctor appointments, the physician finally said that he needed to be circumsized. My husband's older brother can tell to this day just how painful and traumatizing it is to be circumsized at age 9. My brother-in-law also insisted upon his son being circumsized. He said he would never put his son through the misery that he went through. He told me the same thing in regards to my son.

I am now very happy that I had my son circumsized. He had no problems with the procedure (no infections afterwards, etc).

I guess everyone has widely varied opinions on this. I was looking at some of the anti-circumsizing web sites. They also have some very interesting information. In fact, I think I learned quite a lot of new information, although, it did not change my opinion. I still believe my husband and I made the right choice.

Cindy W.
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My son is circumcised, as it is pretty much the norm in the U.S. My dad was not, as his parents were European, and it was not common there. However, he for medical reasons, he had to undergo a circumcision when he was in his 60s. He said it was not pleasant at that stage.
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Both of my sons are circumcised. At the time, I never really gave it much thought. Until I was 19, I never saw one that wasn't. All of my brothers and my first husband were, and that was all that I had for comparison, at that time. I do know that cancer of the penis occurs exclusively in uncircumcised males.
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My son is not circumsized. I had thought I wanted to get it done but it was discouraged by my doctor as well as the hospital staff where he was born.

When I found out the babies are not given any form of painkiller or numbing agent, that sealed the decision for me. My son was born with the umbilical cord around his neck and lung problems -he was already in a weakened state and that would have been added stress for him.

Hes now 6 years old, and has been taught to properly clean himself in the bath/shower. As hes still pretty young I remind him often to make sure hes done a good job of it, and he has been problem free.
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Interesting to read everyone's views.

Just a few notes - penile cancer is not more common in uncircumcised males. Foreskin cancer is then again, taking away the foreskin in advance just because of this extremely rare form of cancer seemed too much for us. By the same token, you can consider taking off women's breasts as prevention of breast cancer. I know this is done in cases where a woman is in high risk of breast cancer, but I don't think that would be a good idea for the general public.

Cindy, I have heard of cases such as your brother-in-law had. Almost always, they are caused by caretakers (parents, doctors or others) who retract the foreskin of the baby. That shouldn't be done, as the foreskin is attached to the penis at that age. Retracting it by force causes adhesions and problems with retraction at the age when it should retract. We're very careful when taking Ron to the doctor. Fortunately, our peditrician is very supportive of our decision and we explained to him how to handle the foreskin (or rather how not to). Doctors here hardly ever see uncircumsized penises and some guidance is always in order.

My basic rational is pretty much what okeefecl said - if nature/God put it there, why take it away? Billions of years of evolution can't be that wrong. Circumcision of genitalia (both of males and females) started in Africa several of thousands of years ago but it's not something natural IMO. Nothing needs fixing there.

By the way, in some African and Arab countries female circumsicion is still widely practiced. The interesting thing is that supporters of female circumsicion there give pretty much the same reasons as those who support male circumsicion here. They claim it's healthier and cleaner and basically, that women have no need for a clitoris.
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I am pro-circumsicion.. I always have been, but more vehemently now that I was watching that nip/tuck show and that teen kid was all upset that he hadn't been so he did it himself--eek! I'd rather them just feel normal. If I lived in a place where more people didn't circumsize I would probably feel different. But I've known a couple uncircumsized men who (well besides from them being very shy around girls) are the same as circumsized men so I don't think it's really a big deal either way..

And I need my clit! lol! That is completely different.. i think?
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I never knew anyone who wasn't circumcised until I met my husband (but, then, it's not exactly something I went around asking everyone about, either). He keeps it clean (he was taught to do this from an early age) and has never had any problems - neither has his brother. He said that his mother couldn't stand the thought of that being done to her babies, even though it's common practice here. We don't plan to circumcise our children when we have them. I understand that hygiene is very important and that it must be kept clean.
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If its kept clean, barring any rare medical difficulties, it should be fine. My husband was done as a baby for religious reasons, but was not in favor of getting his son done so they could look the same. If it wasn't natural it wouldn't be there in the first place. I'm glad I didn't put my son through the unnecessary pain.

Btw- as a BONUS to not being circumsized, there in increased sensitivity I'm told. Thats a good thing, I';d think
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Well, circumcision is illegal in my country. Of course if it is needed for some medical reason, the doctors will do it, but not just because someone asked for it. I personally don't see the need for it, all men I've been with have been perfectly clean, and in my country where just about all males are uncircumcised, there are hardly ever any problems with that at all. The foreskin is there for a reason, to protect men's most sensitive area.
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I voted "Don't know", because, although I've been married to an uncircumcised man for half my life, and have never had any complaints about hygiene or trouble with infections, a friend and former colleague (Welsh) had to be operated on last year (at age 65!) for "phiosis" (sp?) - his foreskin was too tight, and he described the operation as embarrassing and painful. Sorry, he didn't go into detail, so I have no idea why he developed problems so late in life, though I know he was also having prostate problems. I might be wrong, but I always thought circumcision was the norm in the U.S. because so many ob/gyn doctors were Jewish or Pakistani. (If that sounds weird, my sister, an R.N., once accused me of only trusting Jewish gynecologists and Asian hematologists because I grew up in Philadelphia. On reflection, I found that she was probably right.)
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Anne, I'm surprised at your decision considering you are in Israel, do the majority there not follow the judaic laws? I have a few jewish friends and they had to go through with it or had their sons do it, keeping to the laws passed from Prophet Abraham, the first to be circumcised. We did it, I think I would have preferred if my son was circumcised at a later age or in another country, but I figured do it while he is still a baby with no recollection and he wasn't in any pain whatsoever.... As far as females getting it done in Africa, they claim it to be required, this is not so, it is an option in Islamic law and the way that it is done in Africa is not according to the Islamic laws. The way they have it done is actually very torturous and painful for the women. However I have met some women from Somalia and Sudan who got it done correctly and they swear they have the best 'intimacy' ever! Because it exposes that ummm sensitive area that we women have. Okay...I'm leaving...
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My husband isn't circumcised and has never had any problems(Actually most of his family isn't). In fact (this is gonna be TMI) he always said he was glad he has his foreskin, it makes ummmm..."personal time" very pleasurable for him. No need to go into details!! I actually didn't know he wasn't circumcised (I wasn't of a mind to notice when it first became an issue) until he pointed it out. My son isn't circumcised, not so he'll look like his Daddy, we did alot of research and decided to skip it. From what I was told at the hospital it's becoming much more common to leave infant boys "whole", where I am anyway. I do think it's fine either way though.
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If I had a son I would definately circumsize. I was intimate with an uncircumsized man before and for 1. it was disgusting, and for 2. he kept telling me to 'go easy' on him because he was not circumsized It just looks and feels and is cleaner to be circumsized, in my opinion.
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Well... neither one of my sons is. Nor is my husband. I had originally chosen to circumsise my eldest and backed out after watching the video they allow you to view if you ask. My doctor came to see me the morning he was scheduled and sat and talked to me for a long time. I had been crying for quite some time because I thought it was too late to change my mind. The procedure was scheduled and all....

He calmly told me that in this day and age it is not necessary. And yes.... it is a question of cleanliness.

Both my boys have been taught to wash etc.... And there is no retracting happening either. As far as he was concerned, he told me the main thing is to keep it clean. Pull the skin back a little but don't try to force it. they have been in charge of keeping themselves clean on their own.

So far, I can cross my fingers I guess. One is 9 and one is 5. Neither one has ever had an infection or ever complained about pain etc.....

As for it being disgusting??? I'm not quite sure I agree. I've had one boyfriend that was circumsised and my husband is not. Is there a difference? For me... no. Why would there be? This is the one time it retracts on it's own. My husband definately is MUCH more sensitive than if he were to be circumsised. But... I'm not complaining.

I just think that bottom line is: Whather you are circumsised or not. It's cleanliness that matters.
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Just one more thing:

OMG! Women having it done? *faints*

If it's a question of having it done in order benefit from the best intimacy ever.... my choice would be easy.

Becoming a nun would definately be at the top of my list!
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Maybe I just had a bad experience
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Originally posted by Whisker's mom
Just one more thing:

OMG! Women having it done? *faints*

If it's a question of having it done in order benefit from the best intimacy ever.... my choice would be easy.

Becoming a nun would definately be at the top of my list!
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My husband is circumsized, but our son is not. We chose not too, mostly because I had him while living in Germany and its not as 'cultural' there as is here.

My feeling is that someday if he feels that he wants to have it done, then he can. I could not live w/ having it done once I read about what it entailed.
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Also, hearing about this story several years ago had a lot to do with how I feel about the procedure.

This man lost his as an infant due to an accident during his circumcision - his doctors decided it would be best to raise him as a girl, and he went through several surgeries and medical treatments to change him into a girl. He was horribly confused throughout his childhood until he learned what had really happened. Fascinating story.
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Im all for it
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Unless it's for religious reasons or health reasons I am completely against circumsicion.

And as for boys/men not washing or observing basic personal hygiene, to me that means they are just badly brought up and ultimately inconsiderate.

I would never in a million years consider this operation on my baby son - it's mutilation as far as I'm concerned and totally unnatural.
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Well, I don't know one man who is circumsized. Maybe because it's illegal here in Sweden. We teach the boys to keep themselves clean "down there" and in that way infections are prevented.

I believe it's every persons choice if he/she want's to be circumzied or not but he/she should take that decision for himself/herself. The decision should not be taken by anyone else.

After what I've heard, men who are intact (not circumsized) enjoy sex more than circumsized men do
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Originally posted by Sol
After what I've heard, men who are intact (not circumsized) enjoy sex more than circumsized men do
Well Sol, I'm going to agree with you on that one!

My husband isn't circumsized and boy does he enjoy sex, I to also enjoy it! Now seeing as my husband is the only man I've ever been with I can't speak for anyone else.
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