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Siamese/Maine coon kitten

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So, me and my boyfriend are in the process of adopting a siamese/maine coon mix kitten (mess up at the breeders house...). She is adorable, but we had a question. I have seen pure black kittens before and our little girl does not look like them. She seems to have lighter, cocoa colored marks on her face and in the light you can see her fur is really dark brown. Is this likely because of her meezer heritage? Will she turn pure black? I love her unique colors and do not want them to go away! I include a picture so you can see what I mean...unless I am just seeing things!



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Most black cats look brown in different light, and also ghost tabby markings that fade with age.

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Why don't you send her to me and I will tell you in a few months..laughing02.gif  I would be more than glad to watch such a cutie grow up.

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She's black.  Kitten coats are often a little paler than they should be, but the Siamese half won't have any effect on her.  My Oriental Blacks have a Siamese mum, and are as black as black can be right to the roots of their coats.  I think she will get blacker with age.


She looks very sweet...  What would be the best and the worst of the two breeds? 


I'm thinking of GBS and Isodora Duncan - she wanted a child with him thinking it would have her looks and his brains, he pointed out it might have his looks and her brains...


(actually that has been told about other couples, maybe it's a modern myth!)

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