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help me choose?

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Hi I'm new to these forums, everyone seems pretty friendly.

My fiance and I are getting a new cat at the weekend....it's a two year old rescue cat...mostly black with little white feet and a white stripe on her chest...looks like she's wearing a tuxedo! She's really pretty and her facial expresions are adorable and very girly.

I was just wondering what people think to the names Mia or Ava?

(Mia pronounced mya not meeya) These are my fiances favourites but I'm not so sure!? I want something quite short and sweet...
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Welcome to the site! Congrats on getting a kitty, and how wonderful of you to take in an older kitty (meaning, not a little kitten).

I think both names are very pretty for a cat. Many of us will wait until kitty has been home for a few days to name them, they seem to "tell" us which name should be theirs with their personality.
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Welcome Lor

That is wonderfull that you geting a rescue cat , my congrats
to you . I think "Mia" sounds great to me .
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I probably will decide when we've brought her home...
But we did spend alot of time with her at the rescue center and mia kinda suits her.....
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welcome!!!! I like the name Purdy, kinda like pretty but with purr congrats on your new kitty!!
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I liked that name too...only I had a crazy friend called purdey....she was the person who hooked me and my future husband up together....but she was slightly insane...in a funny way not a seriously mental way.. Put me of that name little a bit!
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I can understand that Lor
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Welcome! Either name sounds nice, but I'm more partial to Mia. Looking forward to hearing all about your new cat.
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Hi Lor- Mia is such a cute name!

Congrats on the new kitty! Please post pics in our picture forum, we love pics!

Look forward to seeing you round!

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hi and congrats. on getting a new kitty, that is great that it is a rescure kitty, i like the name Mia better of the two,. good luck with your kitty and look forward to seeing you around
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welconme aboard, I personally would wait until you got her home to pick, they will tell you how you will be allowed to address them, it si thier world, just ask them
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Im sooooooooooooooooooooooo............ happy!

We just had an inspector round to see if the house is ok to bring home an adopted kitty...and wey hey she said it's fine!

Going to collect her 2moro and i just can't wait!!!!!!
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That's very exciting Lor! Is she home yet?

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picking her up in two hours...cant wait....
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is she home????
cant wait to hear about her some more
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