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check out this link:

Newspapers are not good sources of reference. I've seen people advertize mixed breed "Maibys," or a "Russian Harliquin." No such thing. Then they want outragous prices for a mixed breed that I could get if I went to the shelter, and for much less. I wouldnt depend on BYB's to get your information, people who are too lazy to get their cat spayed are too lazy to research things to know any better.
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MandoPlayer - you certainly are opinionated aren't you. Did you read the SPCA post at all (their standard policy - I believe it was called)?? MandoPlayer I am really not trying to be rude but you lost my respect when you insulted me so much earlier in the post .... Look -- I am a Proud grandmother just wanting to show off pictures of her Kitty and her babies. You have not convinced me and will not convince me but thank you for your time anyway. Again - I am really not trying to be rude to you but I feel you are lashing at me and that it's unwarranted.
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Hi Dixie,

12 weeks is really the best time to release kittens. No, they don't grow up with disorders when released earlier, but they do have litterbox accidents, eat litter, don't bury their waste and some don't know how to clean themselves properly. At 12 weeks of age they are well-rounded kitties, mom has done all her work, they are ready to be separated from mom and even siblings, so they don't go through the terrible lonliness and stress as they do when they are younger. The reason that shelters and SPCA's release them early is to free up valuable space. The reason people give them away earlier is because they simply can't be bothered with them anymore. I am talking about people who sit outside of stores with boxes of kittens and puppies that should still be with mom.
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here is a site that might help you Dixie...about the third paragraph down it talks about weaning the kitten.
mando has a good concept just not a good presentation. you would think people would try to be more helpful besides critical but most people on here are friendly and informative. Kimberly
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Personally I think mando just comes here to argue..boredom maybe. Sad Indeed! I also think they should bother reading the posts and whats actually included in them, and they would know you have taken this homeless animal into your own home and are providing for it properly.

Dixie I read your email babe.. Chin Up! You are doing a great job and asking questions is the way forward! Most of the people I have met here are fantastic and very friendly.

Do they offer an ignore feature on here? LOL Cause id be clickin and clickin and clickin on that name if they do...u can never be too sure you have someone annoying on ignore!! This is not the place for their comments or opinions. Maybe they should also read Gays posting!

I want more pics of the babies Dixie lol they r looking great.
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Hey Aubs - Thanks for everything - I did get your return email and really appreciated it. Work has been too busy to reply. I will take pictures tonight. They all have little cracks in their eyes and I am starting to see they each have their own personality. Have you noticed anything else with your queen --
Kimberly I got your post as well - thank you for the website - it has been very helpful.
Tommorrow when I come in to work I will post the pics I take tonight.
Mother and babies are doing very well - she actually came in to the bathroom this morning while I was getting ready for work and was seeking some attention - so I gave it to her of course - first time she has been out of that room since they were born - the didn't stay long but I guess she needed a break. She looks so skinny now I know she is eatting - I think she just has a very small frame...
Best wishes to all of you and I will post again tomorrow...

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skinny kitty...has she been wormed? There are some wormers that you can give her that wont hurt the kittens...Strongid is one.. Just checking but its not unusual for the kittens to suck the life outta her 'specially since she is spending so much time with them.
Very good luck with them ....awaiting more pics
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Here are a couple of pics of the kitty's I took yesterday. Some have one eye open some have two and some have none... They are so cute though.
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They look really healthy your lucky!!
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Thanks Fannycaddy - I am not sure if I mentioned this but when I took the mother to the Vet they tested her for everything and said she had Hookworms - they gave her medication and I have to bring her back in a week to get the last medication. The med should go through her breast milk and cure the kittens if they have it but I'm going to get them check too when they get a little older. Other than that the vet said she was in excellent shape - she had some weight on her and looked good - and she does when she is laying down but when she stands up all that fat hangs down and she looks so slender (looking down on her) I think she just has that lanky alley cat body...
I will post more pics as thier eyes open more. My camera's batteries died while I was taking them last night...
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I have read all the posts, and I am glad you took in a stray kitty to help her out. If your state says that you can release the kittens at 8 weeks - than feel free to do so. Just make sure that the kittens are healthy, using the litter box, eating solid foods, and are developmentally up to par. There is no requirement to keep kittens until 12 weeks - it's your choice. Don't listen to a thing mando says-he/she's out of line. Alot of people on this site will try to force opinions on you as if they are right. Not true. My advice to you is to keep your head up, give your kitties lots of love and attention, do the best you can and do what is best for your situation.
post #43 of 48 the way - your kitties look great!
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Hi Maggpie. Thank for the encouragement. I am really enjoying the kittens - they sure do have that stray allycat long nose face that only a mother could love but I think they are beautiful
I am going to keep posting pics as they get older. I have been talking to everyone I know to see if they want some kittens but after I tell them they won't be ready for a while people tend to tell me no - I think that kittens are so much a dime a dozen here that people don't want to wait cause they can get one anywhere at anytime. Oh well, when it's time I will find them good homes.
Thanks again to everyone who has been so kind to me.:flower:
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Thats everywhere Dixie but please becareful who you allow to have them. Make sure these people plan on spaying or neutering them. Thanks Kimberly
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AWWWWWWWW ...I mean what else needs to be said??

I am baby sitting my friends persian whilst she is in France for two weeks. We were worried she would have her babies when she was away and sure enough she did.

I got her on Saturday and Saturday nigh/Sunday Morning I was deliverin kittens all night. All healthy and lively little buggers. Vet says they are all doing fine and the mother is just awesome. This gives me alot of practice for when Bramble has hers.

Take Care
Aubs XxxX
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I'm all for keeping kittens until they're 12 weeks of age for numerous reasons including the fact that the breeder can desex the kittens before they go to their new home, the kittens will have had 2 shots & they have had lots of time to spend with their mum & siblings. Kittens learn so much from their mum & siblings.

However, out of the 8 cats I have...4 came to live me between 6-8 weeks. The cat I got at 6 weeks does have some behavioural problems & I definitely don't recommend you let them leave their mum so young. The cats I got at 8 weeks of age are fine. People cannot make sweeping statements saying that if you let them go at 8 weeks they will end up with behavioural problems, that is just NOT true. But, I agree with Hissy, 12 weeks is better than 8 weeks.

I also have to disagree with the statement that "you" got the cat pregnant. No, you took the cat in & cared for her & what you did was extremely kind & generous, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

Good luck with your cat & kittens, I hope you will find them all a wonderful home. It would be great if they could leave with at least one vaccination, and please ensure they're going to go to homes where they'll be desexed. I'm utterly against the irresponsible breeding of cats, but this isn't your fault, you have worked hard to fix a sad situation. Good for you!!!

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Hi all - I just wanted to let you know that I was going to take some pictures tonight of the babies. They have gotten so big - they walk (well sometimes well) and they are starting to play. They each have such different personalities... I will post tomorrow...
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