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Pregnant mother

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Is there a sign of when a mother cat will have her babies. I have one and she is as big as a house and her babies have been moving around a lot lately but her milk has not dropped. Does anyone have any advice? Thank you!
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well as mother bad hidding some where to make nesting for little famliy also you could gentility touch tummy and if kittens have move
closer to lower of your cat tummy then momma cat will soon have her kittens make sure she inside where safe and warm dark mother cats
love dark warm place for their babies btw what kind of cat do you
have hope this help good luck and let us know when she has them and
what they look like
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Okay- Well do you know when she got mated?

Cats gestation period is 62-67 days -
Meaning she will have her kittens in between this time- it's counted from the day after she got mated

Where is the pregnant cat being kept?

What breed of cat is she or is she a stray or a Domestic pet?

I'm happy to help just need a bit more info

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I am going to insert a pic of her last night and try to answer any of your questions....
To start let me say that I live in a national forest - very few houses out there. One day working in my garden this very skinny young cat walked up to me and was wanting attention. I was pretty shocked - I rarly see domestic animals.(this was about 3 months ago) well, I went inside and got her some dog food - it was all I had and she scarfed it down. She has been mine ever since, living under my house and comming in side every few days to be brushed and cuddled. To be honest I have no idea when she got pregnant - for a long time I just thought I was doing a great job at fatting her up.... I know now that the father is a black cat with white socks (one of the neighbors) I have called all my neighbors and they don't know who she belongs to so now she's mine... She has been inside for about a week now and is really fitting in great - I have 3 parrots and one small dog - she has, and never has had any interest in my birds - thankfully and my dog is a little scared of her.. Any way - she is kind of a tabby calico... her name is lily (because she was so frail) I think it will be anyday now she has her kittens she is having trouble getting around. But still this morning no milk.... here is a pic - I hope I answered all questions... Oh - she is an extramly loving cat - has been since day one - almost too loving. she is always rubbing her face against mine and evenrubs her face against my birds and they bite her and she doesn't care... wierd huh...
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Here is another picture of her calico colors the other pic looked more like a tabby...???>....- I can't figure out how to post more than one at a time.
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Can any one tell my what color she would be classified as?? Tabby? Calico? I have posted her pic under 'Pregnant Mother' post - it won't let me post it again... and I don't know how to put a link to it... Thank you very much...
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I think she is a torbie, like my new kitty in my siggie. She does look like she is getting very close, Maybe another few days. Snowwhite looked like that and then her nipples got big and pink. Three days latter she had the little ones.
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Oh yeah, shes as big as a house!!! Hopefully she will deliver any day now.

Here is an EXCELLENT link that will help you out a lot.


Good luck with mom and babies!!!!
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Well - I have some good news, Lily had her kittens. Sat night she can in to my room and was all over me while I slept (she never gets in to my bed so I should've know something was up). Then that morning she kept following me around and meowing at me acting like she wanted me to follow so I did - then then went upstairs and jumped in to her box I made for her - well, then I knew it was time so I brought the box down stairs and but a plastic trashbag underneath it and put it on the couch. Right as I did that her water broke - she was in full labor. She would not let me leave her (to go the the bathroom or any thing )she kept following me. So I sat there with her petting her. About 2 hours later she had her first and then her last at about 4pm. All in All I have welcomed 5 more kittys to my home... 4 boys 1 girl - 2 oranges, 2 tabbys and one black... She is being such a good mother too - and good to me as well. I had my hands in the box the whole time petting her - petting the kittens and she didn't mind a bit. I have pics I will send tomorrow - I was too tired to download them off my camera yesterday.
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Congrats Dixie!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to see the pix!
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She looks like a brown patched spotted tabby and white to me. Once the kittens are weaned, please get her spayed. Spaying will reduce the risk of mammary and uturine cancer and will also prevent her from getting pyometria.
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2days old...
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Another picture
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I have a question concerning how old should the kittens be before I give them away... I know that the state of SC used to be 6 weeks but a lot of other states are 8 weeks... Can you tell me if South Carolina is still 6weeks? Also, is there anyone in the Charleston, South Carolina area wanting a beautiful bundle of joy?...
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I don't know the rule for SC, but I do know that they should stay with thier MoM until 12 weeks.

Are you going to have the mom spayed??
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?? 12 Weeks? That is way too long... My mom used to breed persians and we always gave them away at 6to8 weeks... Yes, I'm going to get her spayed.... I hate to do that - it seems like I am taking away her right to be a mother but I'm going to do it anyway... Thanks for replying...
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12 weeks is much better for the kittens. They are fully socialized and you can be sure they have all their shots before they go. As they get their antibodies from their mothers milk this will insure they won't catch any illnesses. To give them away before they have their second shot could lead them to develope an illness before they have built up an immunity to it. The shots take a bit of time to take hold and build up immunity.

As they cannot get their shots until 8 weeks they should stay with mom until at least their second kitten shot.

I also breed Persians and would never let any kitten go before 12 weeks. I brought these babies into the world and it is my responcibility to make sure they have a good start in life. To send them before their 3rd shot would be wrong in my opinion.

What ever you decide, please don't offer them free. Many disreputible people have been known to get free kittens to "bait" pitbulls. The throw live kittens to the dogs to be torn appart. Some times the free kittens end up in labs to be experimented on and then killed.

Make sure mom and kittens are wormed. If she is a stray she could be loaded with them and will pass them to the babies. In order for her and the babies to thrive I would have her checked at the vet.
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She has a Vet appointment today to get checked for worms Feline aids and lukemia... and what ever else she needs. I will worm the babies at 2 weeks.
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Originally posted by Dixie
?? 12 Weeks? That is way too long... My mom used to breed persians and we always gave them away at 6to8 weeks... Yes, I'm going to get her spayed.... I hate to do that - it seems like I am taking away her right to be a mother but I'm going to do it anyway... Thanks for replying...
12 weeks is a minimum for me, 16 weeks is really best. The longer the babies are with their mom, the better socialized the kittens are. Six to eight weeks will result in behavioral problems, I cringe when I see people getting rid of kittens that young. If *you* allow her to get pregnant, *you* need to keep those kittens till a minimum of 12 weeks of age. Before then it is totally irresponsible.

Your mom may have given kittens away that young but it is not healthy for them. Any good breeder will not sell a kitten until it is atleast 12 weeks of age, many wait until 16 weeks. The Cat Fanciers Association states it against the rules to sell kittens under 4 months of age.

Spaying her is for her own good. It is not healthy for a cat to be bred, even to let them have their first heat cycle will skyrocket her chances of getting mammary cancer. That is why it is important to spay females before their first heat cycle. There are also chances of disease like pyometria, an infection of the uturus, which reqires an emergency spay, if it is not caught early enough it can lead to renal failure. A friend of mine who breeds orientals had a female get pyo on her first heat cycle, they spayed her asap and she still came down with renal failure. By the time the cat was 18 months old she was dead. It was very sad, the only thing that could have prevented it was to spay her, and the cat was a very good example of her breed. Breeders take this risk and know that they could end up loosing their cat and all her kittens. They know the ins and outs of pregnancy and delivery and know what could go wrong, if it does, they know what to do. They also are prepared to shell out 1,000's of dollars for their cats, even if the cat might not make it. They do that, they are ready for it when it happens. Thats the difference between responsible breeders and back yard breeders.
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[quote]Originally posted by MandoPlayer
If *you* allow her to get pregnant, *you* need to keep those kittens till a minimum of 12 weeks of age. Before then it is totally irresponsible.

First let me say *I* did not let her get pregnant. I believe I mentioned that she was a stray and I was at first just feeding her because I felt sorry for her. She was so skinny. As far as I know *she* could have been pregnant when I found her..... Please read the posts from the beginning if you want to accuse *anyone* of *anything*...
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First let me say *I* did not let her get pregnant. I believe I mentioned that she was a stray and I was at first just feeding her because I felt sorry for her. She was so skinny.
But you took a pregnant cat in so it is your responsibility to care for them properly. According to the law, if you feed her she is yours. If you take her in you have to be responsible and properly care for her. You unknowingly took in five cats, but still, its five cats that you need to care for, that means physically and emotionally, which includes keeping these cats with their mom for a MINIMUM of 12 weeks. It is purly irresponsible to not.
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I have been caring for her and I do feel as if she is mine. I have brought her to the vet- have had her tested for everything - cleared up her hook worms -- paying mucho dollars for all of this ( that of which I did not have) So yes - she is mine- I believe I mentioned that I felt that way in my first or second Post. Now as to your opinion about 12 weeks - I guess everyone has an opinion. I don't know where you get the idea that is will physically and emotionally hurt the kittens to be given away at 8 weeks but let me tell you, If I would open the newspaper right now and look at the classified I would find that almost Every animal (kitten or puppy) that was up for sale would be offered at 8 weeks. So are you trying to tell me that in South Carolina ( and in most other states)all animals are mentally and physically suffering and that they have some type of disorder due to it? Growing up my mother has owned many cats and not one I can remember was inflicted with any type of disorder.
I just want you to know that I care very much for this cat - and she too me and I have done everything in my power to make her life better. Please don't insult me and call me irrisponsible - simply say you have an opinion - because insulting someone will only make them angry and have them not want to listen to you. But offering a caring opinion or suggestion will have an opposite effect.
Good day.
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And by the way... To what law are you refering to about feeding stray cats?
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Hi Dixie,
Thank you for taking in this cat....it IS something that you didn't have to do
As far as when to find homes for the kitties-I have a few kittens here (bred b4 i got them)They will be atleast 12 weeks old before I find them homes....They are Persian and they are 6weeks old today and they are still tiny! I think it really depends on the breed though. Most domestic cats seem to mature much faster than others. That's just my opinion.
Thanks again for taking care of her
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Thank you fancycaddy - I agree with you wholeheartedly.
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I think you have done an exellent job by taking on the cat and caring for her during her pregnancy. I am originally from South Carolina myself, about 5 hours from you in Clemson. I now reside in the UK.

My mother was was a director for The Humane Society in our area which ran our local shelter. It was our practice to rehome the kittens from 8 weeks on. The recent trend is to neuter animals as early as eight or nine weeks.

This has become fairly common at humane shelters and seems to have helped curb over population and unwanted kittens. Interestingly recent research has shown that early spaying and neutering does not seem to result in changes in behavior as the cats mature when they are compared to cats neutered at the traditional age of 6 months. So, either time, early or at 6-9 months is fine.

Now really all you have to do is find responsible homes for your babies that will have their injections and have them spayed and neutered. I see no reason why your babies cannot be rehomed at around this age. I have enjoyed reading the excitement in your postings waiting on the arrival of the babies and commend you on taking onboard such a responsibilty.

I am not sure if your shelters in Charleston are run by The Humane Society or not but if this is the case ask if they support a S.N.A.P. program.Which simply is a spay and neuter program that can help with the cost. Alot of organizations contribute to these kind of programs and I am sure you can get your cat spayed at a minimal cost to yourself.

Another thing to remember is that now your kittens are here, she can come on call again and be bred, and it's quite common for them to have another litter as soon as the previous litter is weaned. So make sure she does not have outside access until you can have her spayed.

Breeding is not my specialty ...but prevention is *smile*
Take care and hope this helps you.

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Hi Aubs - I have already checked the SPCA here in charleston and they said they could spay her for 39$.- (they do something like 3or 4000 spays a year at this price) Which is so much cheaper than any Vet I have called. I plan on getting her spayed after the last kitten leaves and she will be kept in the house until this time - after that she will probably get the choice of inside or out --or both. She has her own private room upstairs and hasn't left it once since the babies. I have already been trying to find homes for the kittens - I have started early so I can have a choice to make sure they get good homes for people who are willing to wait for them.
That's neat you were in SC then moved to the UK... Were you from the UK and moving home?
I think I am just a proud grandmother and just want to show pictures of her kittens - they are so adorable. I would like to post some pics as they grow on this thread.
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WOW you cant beat that price!!
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I got mine done for $15 but hey, prices vary for different places.
Dixie I also have a posting on here with pics and info on all of my cats. I think if you click on my name it will take you to it.

Seems like you have evrything under control..Well Done.
I am a true southerner lol born and bred in S.C., I just moved away when I was 17 with my mom.

Take Care
Aubs XxxX
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thats unbelievable! Its atleast 65 here. And dogs are 110
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