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Poorrrr bonnie!!

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Now bonnie is in heat She is following rich around, I told her she is meowing up the wrong tree! Then she keeps calling and calling calling. She is rubbing her head on neo (fixed), neo is looking at her like she is NUTS. All the boys are either fixed, seperated from her (because they are getting alittle to close to that age), or two young (thank god)

This is the funny part. Nimby walked up behind her and she did the little pose thing, and he jumped on her and bit her neck, I got up to grap him and seperate them but then flipped her over bopped her on the head, and ran away She started chasing him around the house He might be bigger then her but he is under five monthes old and has no clue what she is trying to do

Luckly everyone is getting fixed shortly and I won't have to listen to this yeowling anymore!
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On one hand it's kinda funny watching a cat on ecstasy... on the other hand it's kinda sad seeing it almost suffer at the hand of her hormones.

Time to get that kitty spayed
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Fortunately she gets spayed in a week and a half!

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oh yeah , I know the sound of a female cat in heat .
Bless your heart , you sure have a lot going on lately .
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