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Semi evil cat

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My 2 year old Liberty Belle is a pistol, and very moody. I can be petting her and she is purring away and all lovey, and you never know, bam! she bites your leg and draws blood. Anyone else have a similar problem? She usually will pouce at the back of my leg and bite. And sometimes she will be all lovey and purring, then she bites my hand. When this happens I loudly say, "no", and walk away and ignore her. Will she outgrow this? Linda
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Has she been spayed? Was she a stray? If you can give some more background it would be helpful. Some cats just flat do not like to be stroked and touched, it overstimulates them. Those are the cats you just leave alone until they initiate contact with you.
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Yes, she has been spayed, and she was an orphan kitty I hand raised since she was 3 weeks old.And most of the time I am petting her as a result of her rubbing against me....maybe she is a rough houser and has this all mixed up as "playing". She loves contact, I brush her several times a week and she loves it. I have another cat and there is jealousy there, but she acted like that before we got cat #2, which has been with us 1 year now.
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Well, my childhood cat, Oreo who is 14 now sounds a lot like yours. You can pet him for a couple of minutes and then he turns on you. I guess some cats are moody. He has been like this since he was a kitten. All cats are different. I think you are doing the right thing by just walking away when he doesn't want to be messed with. There is nothing you can really do...that I know of.
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Oh oh, sounds like mine may not outgrow this habit, from what you said about yours! Sometimes, not always, but you see her eyes glare and get big....and you just know she is going to come at you. In other ways she is a great cat, smart, knows lots of words and phrases, and has done amazingly smart things, so I don`t think she is mentally ill....just real moody and testy.
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My roxy sort of does this.. I'll be petting him and suddenly he'll start trying to stand on his back legs then wrap his front paws around my leg and start chewing on me.. Usually he's pretty gentle but now and then--OUCH! I just try to keep a toy on hand, like his favorite 3 foot long red ribbon or his pet lemur, so when he wants to use some energy he doesn't have to use it on me.

Roxy was a semi feral who came to me at I'd estimate about 4-6 months old. At first, before he gained his weight back, he would NEVER attack me, he would follow me around crying to be held--he was a real cuddle bug. Now that he has every luxury in the world I guess he has time to play so it's almost every minute of his waking day. Sometimes I think that being so long without food all alone in the 2' of snow blizzard we had 2 weeks before he showed up did something to his brain..
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Sammycat will do that. If I let him come to me for petting and loving he is fine. If I try to pet him with out him coming to me first he will nail me every time.

Sammycat is also a revengeful kitty I washed him with a damp cloth to get sheetrock dust off of him, when I turned to walk down the hall he ran up behind me and swatted my legs and ankles. When I turned around and told him to stop that, well....let's put it this way "if looks could kill I would be dead right now"
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yeah same here. Just this morning, I walked by Mittens while I was getting ready for work, and I felt a slap on my ankle. He does that all the time. I guess they want to play or something along those lines. But every now and then I think they have some kind of mean streak. Who knows!
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Everyone who has this problem should click here to find out how to stop this kind of aggression. Pay extra attention to the section on aggression due to overstimulation (petting).

This behavior is not difficult to stop - IF you follow the directions in this link.

Good luck!
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