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My cat keeps following me, meowing and staring at me

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I love my cat. Had him for over a decade but the guy just wont shut up. He follows me all around the house. Everytime I sit down I look around to see if he is about to jump on my knee. I really enjoy the company but there are times when I just need a break. The guy is incredibly soft natured. I can literally pick him up and put him into the baby position and he loves it. Purrs all the time. I just need a method to get him to leave me alone for a little while without hurting him. He's neutered and he has 3 cats for company. I dont want to use methods like spilling water on him as that is cruel. 

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Distract him by throwing toys across the room for him to chase after.


I have three needy cats, but l count myself lucky because there's a lot of members here would love an overly affectionate cat, so enjoy it! biggrin.gif

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Yeah he's amazing. Cant distract him he's old and too lazy to play with toys. 

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You are blessed to have such unconditional love and loyalty.  Enjoy it! Rejoice in it!  So many people all over the world would do almost anything to have a sweet cat, but can't due to stupid rental laws, etc.  You are one of the lucky ones.  


You might look into some of the toys that cats can play with by themselves; another and most recommended idea is, of course, to adopt another sweet adult cat (there are so many in need of loving, forever homes, each one so deserving of one!) so that they will, in time, be company for one another, and loving friends.  TCS has lots of suggestions on how to introduce a new cat into the family.  Strongly suggest you think about this.  My best to your CAT!heartpump.gif

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get another cat! my two play and cuddle - takes the pressure off me (a little anyway)

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My cats have a time out room filled with cat only goodness. It's where I put then when Im out or busy. There maybe some protest, but with the right entertainment, radio, tv, birdfeeder close by, or anything else to distract them. It works out well for me

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Quick questions: Is this something that has increased over the last year or so, or always how he's been? Has he had a vet visit and a senior panel run?


My oldest, very talkative kitty Abby--who will be 16 this year--began to exhibit a lot of "neediness," kind of like what your bubby is doing. He's always been quite the talker and carry's on conversations with me. biggrin.gif But I also noticed that he was seeming a lot more needy (only other time he was this way was back in 2002 when I was diagnosed with cancer--talk about intuitive kitties (Abby and Tuffy, brothers--Tuffy had to leave us in 2004 due to CRF), were both stuck to me like glue, which was so awesome and totally made sense, unlike now. I was at my wits end and feeling not-so-great because he was annoyingly clingy. He's never provoked feelings of annoyance in me before, so I felt so guilty over this. I checked to see if it was anything medical with Abby, and there wasn't, so I went with behavior. I invested in Da Bird (love that thing!!!) and now have regular playtime with all three of my kitties. That took care of 90% of his neediness and vocalizations...well, the talking not so much as the neediness because that is just "Abby." laughing02.gif I'm thankful the other two aren't quite as vocal, although Maxie comes in a close second. heartpump.gif


If a medical reason has been ruled out, then I would get Da Bird and let the fun begin!

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He probably want's to be petted or even fed. I think you should bring him to the vet to see what's wrong. (I'm not being mean, just seeing if they figure it out.) Well good luck with your cat. ~Slikkuz

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