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I went true the hole story again , I am still in tears and LMAO
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Use a little more conditioner and it will be soft, don't worry.
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Why is everyone staring at me?
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(distant cough)...
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
Do ya have a KFC there?! Aww man, I was going to end it where they find out that there is no KFC there and that they would have to travel to America to get it!!! Okay I'll have to think of a different ending.
Yeah we have Kentucky Fried Chickens everywhere in NZ!

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Ok, they're looking for the phone book. did anyone stop to wonder if they have phones?!! They ride horses and fight with swords for gosh sake. Maybe you should be looking for the carrier pigeons.
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For those that are not sure what's going on here, I'm one of the cast members in LOTR requesting that I have KFC for lunch, first it was for me, but eventually everyone started hearing about it because Aragorn asked different people where KFC was. Then one of the cast member says look it up in the telephone book and the director is getting pissed off because it's taking them this long to figure this stuff out, now eventually some of the cast memebers want KFC also, so they are just scurrying about looking for the telephone book and KFC. Some are still talking as if in character and others are talking out of character. Okay....is anyone else following this weird sense of humor that I have or am I all alone in it?
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I am following it and really enjoying it!
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I'm following it too, and laughing every moment! I really liked the crazy blonde with the sword.
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Jellybelly, you have a unique and hilarious sense of humor. I was laughing the whole time--when i wasn't drooling over those HOT pics of Aragorn.
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sniffle...thank you!!! now I don't feel so morbid!
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Well ,Jellybelly you know I am with you all the way
And I love it . I do re read it sometimes from the beginning and if somebody would see me they may think I am nutts
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Why are they staring at me Sam?

Frodo, I think they think you are obsessed about your hair.
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I just want to have nice hair, like Haldir!
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sorry kid, you will never have hair like mine.
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Look over there! I see some people on horses!!!
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Never mind the hot pics of Aragon, I'm too busy drooling over the ones of Legolas !
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the king says: Ohhh yeah, I do hope they brought the KFC!

Aargorn thinking to himself: 'How could I screw this up?!'
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We've brought the KFC!!!!

(crowd cheering!)
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Awwwww don't tell me it is over
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KittenKrazy, Yeah, Legolas is pretty hot too. And so are Haldir and Eomer. There's something to be said about a man with long hair. Sigh.
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Yeah, hotties!!! drooling over here...

for now I think I should end it...hubby needs comp most of the time till we get wireless service...

glad ya liked it though, makes my day!
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Jellybelly , thank you for the fun Be sure I will go at times on this thread again just for the laugh
Any time you want to do more , PLEASE do more or may somthing different .I am sure we all will enjoy it
Again thanks for the fun it was sooooo good to laugh
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*begins chanting* Haldir, Haldir, Haldir. *snickers*
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That was really fun! I'm glad the KFC came in the end!

Thanks for making my days!

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Originally posted by Sylent Rayne
*begins chanting* Haldir, Haldir, Haldir. *snickers*
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OMG - I finally read through all of it and I am sitting in a puddle of tears - I laughed so hard. Good job guys!
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I reread it again and it really made me laugh. Maybe you should try this with Harry Potter hint hint
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that's a thought!!!
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..Pirates of the Caribbean!!!
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