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[This is not meant to flair up Religious views, I am just getting word out for those who wish to help.]

P~A~A~N - Pagans Against Animal Neglect.


For those who wish to help in aiding those who cannot speak for themselves. Originated in South Carolina, but spread across the World. Join and help us find loving homes for those in need.

What can YOU do to help?

* P~A~A~N™ is always looking for volunteers; Pagan or otherwise (for donations, food, etc…) as well as new

Pagan members to help out. You can join by visiting the following URL:


You will be sent a questionnaire to fill out to let us know exactly where you stand and what you would like to

do in P~A~A~Nâ„¢.

* Spread the word to your Pagan friends about P~A~A~Nâ„¢! It is the fastest way to get the idea out. They are

all welcome to join. We would like people from all around the world to join and need representatives from each

part as well.

* Support your local humane societies, rescues and other in-need businesses that try to help out your local furry/feathery/scaly/wet friends. Sign a petition! Donate some food! Give generously to these organizations because

without you, they can’t continue to help them.

* Last but certainly not least, please spay and neuter your 4 legged friends! If we can lower the unwanted-animal

population, their need for our help will lessen! This is a priceless gift!
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Joined! Thanks for the info.

Blessed Be!
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Merry meet!

I wasn't sure if I should have posted that or not, as I don't know the views of those posting here, and I didn't want to start something that would have gotten out of hand.

I'm glad to hear you joined!!! Its such a wonderful program!

Goddess Bless,
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Oh! Thank you! I added my little intro there as well.
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