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"knead-y" cat, new baby?

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My male cat is sooo needy! It's like he can't get enough attention. He wants to be as close as possible, he is sitting on my lap right now "kneading" my stomach (it hurts and leaves tiny scratches even thru my t-shirt). I worry about when I have a baby (someday) what is going to happen! These cats are SPOILED! What has been your experiences with how the cats act when you have a baby?
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I wasn't sure if this should be moved to behavior or not, maybe one of the other mods will want to move it, but since I'm not sure, I'll leave it for now.

I had a baby last year, and my cat Merlin was fine with her. He still wanted his attention, and as long as I made sure to give him attention as well as the baby, he was fine. He mostly just ignored her.
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How old is your new kitten?? I don't have much advice to offer, but just keep on giving him the attention...
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I have 2 cats, one that "ownes me" sometimes sits on me and kneads me alot, but is also sometimes happy to lie by my side, just beeing close. The other one is more affectionate "on the move", can´t get close enough, if I´m doing somtething else (like beeing on the computer), she forces me to change what I´m doing if she wants attention.

I had a baby last year, and I was really worried, both of their reaction, and also about not to let the baby get in contact with the cats while very young. At first I vent overboard, and allmost washed my hands after looking at the cats! So the first months I hardly touched them, well, I didn´t let them cuddle with me, didn´t let them sleep in my bed (they still don´t, but I don´t panic if they do.)
The cats turned out to react axactly as I had never dared to hope they would! They totally respected the baby and all his things. They never even got close to him, exept for one "sniff" at the beginning. As my son grew older and layed on the floor on a large babyblancet, they went out of their way, not to step on the blancet! It was like they realized that this "thing" was not their to mess with, and they didn´t even expect me to give them any attention either! But boy, did I miss them! Now everything is back to normal, we cuddle, they seek attention and a cuddle. They still stay away from all my sons things, and have never been up in his bed, even though I have never told them not to. They never ignored him, they wathced him from a distance, and now that he can get to them, they just try not to get his attention and praise their own ability to jump out the window and up on cabinets!
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Click here for the Humane Society's information page on introducing your baby to your pet. I hope it sets your mind at ease!
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