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Animal Planet

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Last night I was going through the channels, and caught part of the planets funniest animals. I do not watch this show, I think its one of the worst on tv, anyway they showed this little pom puppy coming down a long staircase. He did ok till he was about half way down and then fell, he tumbled all the way down rolling the whole way, and this is supposed to be funny? pom's are prone to bone and knee problems and care should be taken when they are puppies to avoid any dislocations.
I would love to see that program taken off the air.
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That show depresses me about as much as "Animal Precinct". I like some of the shows on Animal Planet, but there are a lot, like many episodes of "Emergency Vets", that simply upset me. The latter is often informative, but... I can only take it in small doses.
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"America's Funniest Home Videos" and "Funniest Animals" often show movies of people or animals getting hurt. I don't get how that's funny, either.
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I think some people just send a video in to get something free.I don't care for that show at all (Animal Funniest)

I do like to watch Animal Precinct , I think it kind of shows the people what really happens sort of awareness of animal cruelty . Some people don't even know anything about cruelty . I like to watch to see them rescued and the people cought . I also like to watch Emergency Vets too , I do learn from it . Yes I cry when there is a bad out come . I also watch Animal Cops for the same reasons .
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I do agree that there are some video's that aren't funny at all, but I have to say that there are some that just make me laugh so hard..There was one on last night with a dog and a cat playing together, and it was just the cutest thing I saw....well, except for my kitties playing together
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I've never seen that show. But for the most part I do like the Funniest Home Video's.
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