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Electrical Cords and Chewing

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I'm new to the forum. I found the site when I was searching for help regarding a behavior problem with my male cat. Baden will be three yrs. old the end of this month. He was a stray that tried using the wheel well of my van to get warm. I rescued him and took him in when he was approximately 9 weeks old.

Baden has a new passion - electrical cords. *sigh* A friend went to grab the toaster because it was falling off the table. The cord has been completely gnawed, with even the wires being chewed through in places. Fortunately, I don't leave my toaster plugged in or there would have been a fire or Baden would have been electrocuted. As it is, the toaster will need either a new cord or to be replaced. I'm thinking replaced as it would probably be cheaper.

The same night, he tried chewing on the cord for my wheelchair charger - which does stay plugged in. I chased him away and then My friend sprayed the entire cord with Bitter Apple. Last night, he was chewing on the cable wires in the bedroom. There is also evidence of him chewing on the vaccum cleaner. Each time he's found a new cord to chew, it gets doused with Bitter Apple.

Does anyone else have cats that chew cords as adults? He didn't as a kitten; this is something new in the last few weeks (I'm assuming it took him longer than a day or two to destroy the toaster cord.). Any idea as to what is possessing his kitty brain this time? Other than spraying every cord with Bitter Apple, are there any other preventative steps? I'd really hate to loose another item, or much worse, my home or Baden, if he chomps through a live cord.
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Hi and welcome to a nice community!

You can do several things. If there is a Radio Shack near you, you can get some flexi-tube. Long sections of flexible tubing that fit over electrical cords and protect it from busy teeth.

You can also take flat sections of boards and duct tape the cords to the boards, then flip the boards over.

You can go to our sister site www.meowhoo.com and look in our Behavior Section then Training Aids for something called Stop Shock. Designed specifically for this purpose.

You can also get your cat a small rawhide chew bone, that gives kitty an alternate item to chew on.
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