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Jesse Jackson arrested

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He was butting in, where he had no business (as usual).

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Jesse Jackson never led a congregation, never held a public office, and as far as I know, never held a real job, yet he claims to be a reverend and tries to run for public offices. What he is good at, is getting his name plastered in newspapers. I guess he is getting more desparate in his old age with this Yale protest & arrest.

I grew up in Chicago at a time when he first came into public eye. He was laughed out of Chicago and has since then tried to get a foothold anywhere in the world. I have no use for the man. I have never seen a truely good deed that he has done.
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He makes my skin crawl. He is nothing but a hypocritical trouble maker, and extortionist.
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Read a book called "Shakedown". It provides DOCUMENTED proof of Jesse's use of threatened boycotts and bad publicity, to hold corporations up for big donations and jobs for his "chosen few". He shook down Anheuser-Busch for a beer distributorship, for his half-brother.

Why he hasn't been prosecuted, for using Operation PUSH funds, to support his illegitimate child and its mother, is beyond me. That is registered as a charitable organization and Jesse draws a large salary from it.

He supposedly stands up for the "poor" but HE lives in Georgetown, rides around in limos and sent his kids to expensive private schools. Boys and girls, can you say "self-promoting hypocrite"?

As for his being a reverend - he either flunked out or was thrown out of every college, that he attended. He was "ordained" by a church, in Chicago.
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I can not stand that man!!!!!!!
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Big surprise.

What goes around, comes around.
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Wow, I had no idea people in the US thought of Jackson like that.

Over here, in the, mostly left-wing, media he is pictured as some sort of Messiah.
I always had my doubts, nice to see them confirmed here at TCS
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Oh yeah, forgot a point. My mom was a teacher in Chicago and taught the son of Jesse's body-guard. The little boy (3rd grade) came into school bragging one day that his daddy thru a party which Jesse attended. The little boy "stole" a funny cigarette from the party and smoked it - he was surprised that he felt real funny afterwards.

From the mouth of an innocent, yes, he also did drugs.
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Jesse Jackson is a joke to alot of people in the US.
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