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My boyfriend Piotr36 discovered this website trying to find help for our two adult cats who are getting playfully bit by our six month old kitten.

I just want to say hi from Michigan. I have three cats. Two males, Cotton and Simon, and one female named Clea.

I have a question, I am not able to see replies to my boyfriends' post. Any ideas why?
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Correction. I feel silly for saying I could not see the replies to replies to my boyfriends post about our kitten. He told me he entered the post in two different forums, and I was looking at the post in the forum that was not replied to.
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Welcome to the site! It looks like his threads were merged in the proper forum. I hope you can find the help you seek here.
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Well Welcome and nice meeting you too .
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Welcome to TCS!
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HI, welcome to the site hope you enjoy the forums and im sure you will get some good help from someone here
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Welcome to The Cat Site!!
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