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A year ago

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It has been one year ago today, that I moved in this house.
I had sold my home I live in for twenty five years, to move up here.
I had wanted to move for a long time, but never thought I could afford to move here. I remolded my other house from top to bottom, in the hopes it would make me like it better. My Son and his wife had moved here a year before, they wanted the safe neighborhood and the good schools. I took a chance and put my house on the market, it sold in one day. It took me three months to find the right house, everything up here sells very quick and a fixer upper is around 200.000 finally I found a newly remolded home with a landscaped yard I had to bid over the asking price as there were three other offers.
But here I am one year later.

I have never gone back to my old neighborhood I told myself once I drove down that street with the last of my belongings I would not look back.
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My parents sold their house about a year ago. It was the house I was raised in and they had been there for about 40 years. It was harder on me then it was on them. They seemed to never look back! And I'm happy for them. But I felt like I lost my home and often wonder, where do I go? Iknow it sounds a little funny but I really mourned the selling of that house!

It sounds like you're happy with your move. I'm glad you finally found something where you wanted!
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I'm glad you got the house you wanted

to one year!
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Sometimes you just know it's time to start fresh! I hope you have many more happy years there!
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