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Catnip...what is it??

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I was at the store today buying some treats and toys for Nomar...I seen stuffed toys that had catnip...
What is it??? Is it good to give cats?? I don't know much about it..
If anyone can give me some info I would appreciate it..
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Catnip is a member of the mint family. It can aid digestion and gives many cats a nice little buzz. Many cats enjoy eating it and rolling around in it. It makes my cats act really goofy! They love catnip day and do little dances while they wait for me to open the bag and put some on the floor for them. It is safe and pleasurable for the cats and for the people who watch the cats play in it!

For the best catnip, choose loose dried catnip. Simply take out a pinch, rub it between two fingers to release its essence and drop it on the floor....then enjoy the cat's antics!

P.S. kittens often do not respond to catnip and not all adult cats enjoy it.
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Thanks for reply...
I was curious about it because if it makes them wired up then Nomar doesn't need help in that area...I was also wondering if it
has any harmful side effects??
Maybe I'll try the stuffed toy with catnip
inside and see what Nomar does..
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Regarding the catnip- I have a question - someone told me that Catnip is like "cocaine" and if the cats have too much of catnip, they can go crazy. I am not sure whether to believe that or not!!
Any clarification on this??
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That's a good question. I'm anxious to know myself..
I think I'll hold off on buying Nomar the toy...
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It has been my experience that cats react differently to catnip.

Some will become very mellow and loving like little Others get VERY active and

Cat nip is an herb and is,indeed, in the mint family. I have always preferred to give my cats the catnip I grow myself because some of the commercially bagged stuff (included that used inside cat toys) has added catnip oil concentrate and some times that is too much of a good thing, (especially), when it is a cat's FIRST experience with cat nip.

A friend of mine (who is a vet and long-time cat owner) says that cat nip does about the same thing for cats that marajuana does for humans. It heightens experiences!

Of course, cat's don't smoke cat nip, but you will notice them salivating a lot and licking a toy that has cat nip added to it.

I have never had a cat that had an adverse reaction to cat nip, but remember; it is never wise to overdo the use of any stimulant. . .
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Thanks Darlene for the info...
I think I will hold off on buying it..
Nomar has enough energy for the both of us...
I like your Smileys!!!!
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