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Boy some people! There oughta be a law!

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We have extra product left from our show a few weeks ago, so we set up the knife table in the front of the house, and put up our sandwich sign near the road. It is really a nice sign- with our logo the mechanical eagle painted on it and our business name. Some yahoo teenager in a truck, driving by, aimed his truck for our sign and knocked it over than ran over it! By the time we got to the end of the drive he had sped away, now our sign is cracked and there is huge tire treads on it! It wasn't a cheap sign either.
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Bloody teenagers have too much time on their hands!
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I tell respect for other people is lacking these days. One thing that my dad taught me, among others, is to respect other peoples stuff. I hope you can find out who done it.
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Too bad you couldnt get the license plate number
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OMG Maryanne! How Bloody Annoying!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Bloody teenagers have too much time on their hands!
I agree. They're not allowed to do anything these days without getting in trouble. I wish there was more for them to do - well there's lots for them to do, but this "tough guy" image prevents them from doing many things, lik riding bikes and stuff.
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What a jerk! Did you get his license plate #?
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Aww, I'm sorry, MA.
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I would be P*** off myself
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Now that I am somewhat calmer! I hate to paint a picture that all teens are like this, because it isn't so. Mike and I open up our home to the Up With People Program and host teenagers from other countries. While they are here, they get to know the young people in the town and most of the kids out here are pretty decent. For the ones who aren't, if anything is wrong with them, it is living in this small town. There is nothing for them to do out here, but stump jump and drink beer. I can't imagine what it is like for these kids, some which will never get out of here at all. The girls in the high school graduating class last year, all but 4 or 5 were pregnant.

The kids aren't like this yahoo that ran over our sign. There are just as many bad kids as there are bad adults and there are just as many good kids as there are good adults.Thank goodness for that!
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that's true!

Hope you get your sign fixed!
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Oh Hissy,
I am sorry to hear that.

Well what goes around comes around.
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Some people should be neutered, at birth!
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I'm sorry Hissy.
Mean people suck.
I don't know why people get their rocks off doing hurtful things. What comes around goes around. That "yahoo" will get his turn some day.

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Oh Hissy...I'm so sorry to hear about your sign, and after all the hard work you guys put into it!!! I don't blame you for being upset!!!!!!
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sorry to hear about what happened to your sign, i would be so mad, kids like that are just mean, they dont respect people or their things because things come easy for them, handed to them, they dont know what its like to work for something or to make something from their 2 hands, its like easy come easy go. hope you can get your sign fixed with out much hassell
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That just sucks! I know it isn't much consolation, but just remember that we reap what we sow! And hopefully they'll get theirs someday.
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