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Injectable antibiotics?

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It is IMPOSSIBLE to pill my cat!! I've tried the pill gun, putting it food, sticking it in cheese. Nothing works. She has had a uti problem for the past few months and i haven't been able to cure it because she might or might not get a pill that day. Is there any injectable form of baytril that I could buy and take home vs going to the vet everyday? Are they easy to administer? And last but no least anr they terribly expensive because I've got three cats to 'fix' within the next week or two and I'm going broke fast. Or if anyone has any other ideas?....
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Talk to your vet, they have a new type of paste you rub on your cat's ears. Your vet will know.

The best way to pill a cat, is to kneel down and cross your ankles behind you. Then sit your rump down, take the cat, place the cat so she is facing away from you between your legs. Scruff her gently at the neck, lean her up, and shoot the pill down her throat. Her instinct will be to back pedal against you, but she can't go anywhere. Then release her.

here's a link to give to your vet-

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Oh I tried that, got the pill down her throat several times, and she immediatly threw it up and foamed at the mouth. I thought I accually got it down her once and she threw it up 3 minutes later! Other than her UTI her blood work and everything was fine! Umm.. I've heard that there are different types of crystals in the urine. Do they treat each with a different type of antibiotic?
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There are different ways to treat UTI's depending on what the cause is. However, the antibiotics are usually the same. It's weather or not they treat it with diet.
They make antibiotic injections, but the problem is that they can cause an injection sarcoma and the chances are much higher with the amount of injections they get. Also, most vets will not send home medication and needles home with a patient.
I would ask the vet about a liquid form. This way, it may be just as hard, but most of it if not all will get down.
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Thank you!
It's funny that the vet switched me from the liquid to the pills because he said that most of the time the liquid doesen't always all make it down! He just didn't know he was talking about an evil cat!! Thanks for the info, and I won't be using injections!
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