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Do cats have allergies?

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I have two cats - well, one "new" cat and one that is still a kitten.

My kitten loves when I shred up roast beef - she loves to eat it. My cat will eat some of it, but she never seems too interested.

Everytime I feed them roast beef, though, my cat throws up.

Right now I'm testing out food flavors for the cat (after switching her over from kitten food). Today's flavor was beef, and after she ate some she threw up horribly.

My question is, do cats have allergies to some foods? I know I'm not going to give her any beef after this, but I'm wondering what the source of the problem is. Should I take her to the vet?
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Yes, some cat and dogs do have food allergies. If you only throws up after beef but not chicken then she is more than likely allergic to beef.
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One of the reasons that lamb and rice formula is so popular is because a lot of animals are allergic to beef and chicken. I take care of a dog that's allergic to beef and chicken so they special order a formula that is made out of duck for him.
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Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

She definitely loves chicken, so it's only a beef allergy.

Thanks again for you quick responses.
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One of my girls has food allergies, she also has a reaction if she eats off a plastic plate. I had to switch all my food bowls to glass bowls. She also has reactions to certain household cleaners and scented candles. I really have to watch what I use in the house with her around.
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I don't know if Peaches is allergic to beef but she gets the runs if she eats it. I figure it's just too rich for her. I know cat's can have allergies though.
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My co worker's cat, Callie has allergies to dust and certain kinds of foods. I know that she has been on antibotics many times throughout the year. So, cats are a lot like us...you might want to have her checked out if she throws up even after giving her another food product.
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Yes cats can have sllergies. My Sphinx has both food allergies (to fish) and to dust. Good luck with your fur babies.

I second Caprice's suggestion that if your cat continues to have problems even to another food to have a vet check.
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