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I really want to toilet train my cat. HAs anyone done this, and if so, how? Also, is there any way to teach the cat to flush? any info would be very helpful! thanks
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the feedback I have gotten back from people who try this, is that the cats will urinate into the bowl, but that is all. I don't know of anyone who has gotten a cat to flush, but there are toilet training kits for cats available all over the Internet. Just go to Google and do a search. I believe our sister site www.meowhoo.com also has a few listings for these companies. Either under litter or the behavior category, I can't recall which.
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i dont know anyone that has tried this, but i guess it can be done, i was reading a thread on here one time about cats and the toliet thing and they said how to do it but i cant find it,, i would think that the littler pan would be soooo much easier and natural for the cat.
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I knew a guy who toilet-trained his cat. He slowly moved the litter box over next to the toilet. Then, he put it, uncovered, on top of the toilet. Then he put in on the toilet with a toilet seat on top. Then he took away the litter box and the cat was using the toilet. I don't know how long this took.

I have toilet-trained two parrots, but I don't think my methods would work with a cat.
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