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Need Board Magic

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I could use some board magic. I had a job interview a week ago and I am hoping to get the second and third interview. I really need this job. It has been 2 years since my other job closed and moved out of state. I have gone to school to learn a new profession, over half way done with that now. The job I interviewed for is something that I can do physically. (I was injured on my last job, ended up having 4 surgeries to stabilize damage, and losing 65% loss of use of my right arm)

I do a job search on the internet every morning and night. I drive to search for a job when I can afford to. This job I am hoping for is something that I know I can do and I will give them 200% if they will just give me a chance. I think the interview went well. I do get some strange looks when I tell employers that I am in school at my age (48) you would think that would let them know that I want to do more with my life. I am really starting to get depressed about not being able to find work.

So please send some board magic my way if you can. If I can get hired this company will never regret giving me a chance!
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Sending Board Magic and best wishes to you!!!

It sounds like this company would be crazy not to hire you!!!
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I admire that you went back to school in your 40's! Any good employer will find that to be an asset as well. I truly believe in lifelong learning and plan to always be a student. Good luck with this job! Mom of 10 Cats is right -- the company would be crazy not to hire you!
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You may have my board magic as well. Best of luck!
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sending some board magic your way from ohio,, wish you luck!! and hang in there
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good luck I'm in the job market too.. The net search morning and night is so deprssing isn't it lol?

I started just sending my resume to businesses whether they are hiring or not.. I had an interview 2 weeks ago and I'm hoping they just got caught up with labor day stuff (being that it was a newspaper) and maybe they'll call this week.. *crosses fingers*

good luck
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Sending "get that job vibes" from GA. I hope you get it
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Just bumping this up to send some good job juju.

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good luck to u for finding a job!!
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I'll send you some board magic. The best of luck to you!
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Board Magic Coming Your Way! Good Luck!
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Sending lots-0-magic your way!
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