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Can I vent please????

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Ok, so the past two nights at work have been awful! I had to work with this guy that I don't get along with, for both nights, for 7.5 hours. He does absolutely nothing, and half of that! How can you actually get a job when you don't work worth s**t???? Man I am so peed off at him!

I had to re-sweep last nite, b/c he didn't think or didn't want to move chairs and tables, and besides that you could see the dirt on the floor! I had a whole dustpan full of dirt from sweeping the second time! Then I had to go empty garbages b/c he didn't empty the main ones, and he didn't (at least) double bag them, whereas when I bag garbages--I'm the garbage bag queen, it's like at least 5 or 6 (the more you have in, the better it is! It is easier to grab one and not have to go get more to fill it up again, especially if it's one of the last things to do at night).

So tonite, he didn't do any backups at all ...not a thing. He only makes one sandwich at a time, when most everyone else can do 3 or 4 if need be (like if there is a family come in, or a few ppl that are all together). But he only makes one at a time, rings it in, then realizes that the other person wants something. And he is like the messiest worker we have. I had 3 ppl not paying together, the first one had 2, the second one 1, and the third one 2, so he takes forever putting gloves on, then someone goes to the till, so he goes there, puts gloves on again, then gets ppl behind the ones I'm getting when you can clearly tell that a little help would be appreciated! Thankfully another worker came and ran till for me for a minute while I got caught up.

I had to reclean the work area last nite like 20 minutes after I had cleaned it fully. He can't do dishes...how hard is it to actually WASH dishes and make them clean? He can't sweep, doesn't know how to clean. Nothing! I made him leave early tonite, b/c he was walking around doing nothing, and I figured I'm going to have to do all this stuff anyways, so why make him do it when he's going to take at least twice as long as I am, and then I'm going to have to do it all over again??? Thankfully tonite was his last nite, so now I'm kind of excited...I want to have a party! lol jj I swear if I'd had to work with him for the whole month, I would have totally made his life miserable, and b****ed him out for everything. As it is, he doesn't like me anyways (not that I care or anything), but he certainly likes the younger girls (ages 16-18)...he was always trying to impress them by trying to maybe work. But most of us knew how he actually was, so it was like "oh stop it already. you suck and we know it!". But he is gone, never to return (and if he does, I am so out of there!!), so party!!!! hahaha

Thanks for letting me vent...I don't think I have ever done this before online! lol
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I hope this didn't post more than once...sorry if it did. My computer decided to act up on me. I'll check back tomorrow to see.
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Thank goodness you won't have to work with him again. I never understood why people don't at least try when they have a job. They don't stop to think that maybe they're helping themselves.

I worked in restaurants for years, and there were always a handful of employees who didn't do anything, and expected the rest to pick up the slack. Once, I had had enough and went through a long list of things to be done other than standing around. Didn't help.

Bad work habits will eventually catch up with these people, I hope.
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Well, at least the dumby is gone!
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Dumba** is gone!! Party Time! Glad you don't have to put up with this mediocre subpar worker anymore.
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It is people like him that make everyone else's workload bigger. Thank goodness it was his last night.
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I want to have a party!!! lol I am so glad he is gone! I don't have to work with him again ever!!!!
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I can empathize with you. I have a coworker who drives me crazy like that. The thing that is hard is I really like her as a person and consider her a friend!
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It didn't bother me that he didn't like me...I was like whatever! If you could actually work, then you know, I might like you. But with that attitude, and work ethic, I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did.
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