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just dont know...

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about this sinusitis crap that I have
Shell, I ended up seeing a top ENT doctor in phoenix about 2 weeks ago. He explained what my cat scan said, unlike the other ent doctor. He said that I have a bigger air pocket than normal, which causes infections. He explained the bad taste & smell was because of an infection. And, that levaquin and biaxin werent the best meds to be on, since they only work with some bacterias, such as staph. He has me on Augumentin for 4 weeks, twice a day. I was also on Presdindone (the cortizone/steriod) for 4 days. I also am supposed to be taking gauxicen (its got psedeophedrine in it). I go back to see him on 9/18. He said if that doesnt work, then surgery would be the next, which I told him if he has to do it, do it. He said something also that if the symptoms are still there, then he'd do allergy testing on me to rule out my cats. I also get to have another cat scan done too. The only thing that sucks with these meds, is that it's messing with my blood sugars, which I had to see my primary about, because I get hot all of a sudden, and then get kind of light-headed. A few weeks ago, I almost passed out because of it. Then again, I dont eat breakfast either.
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Jeez..you're still battling that? Sounds like surgery might be your only option. That augmentin is a good antibotic and one of the best on the market. Make sure you eat with those pills...they like to play havoc on your tummy!

I'm not very familiar with blood sugars but I do know that antibotics and decongestants to affect them. It seems to me that the Doc is going the right route for this though...it sucks that it's not helping. That predinsone is a steroid so it should help take the inflammation out of your sinuses...make sure you eat with that one too!

I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions or helpful ideas. It does sound like it's surgery time for you though.
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