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I had to take Mosley back to the vet on Saturday b/c she stopped eating again. They changed antibiotics and gave her more fluids. They taught me how to give them to her myself in case she still isn't eating by Monday since I wouldn't be able to bring her in. Has anyone done this before? If so, I would really appreciate some advice. I really don't want to do this myself. They also taught me how to syringe feed her, so I've been doing that a couple times a day. She ate a few pieces of food tonight but I can't tell if she drank any water.

I also bought some GSE for her and my other cat. Can anyone recommend the right dosage for each cat (one 9 lbs and showing mild signs of catching the uri-sneezing and sleeping a lot- and the sick one 6 lbs) I gave Mosley (sick one) two drops of GSE in the food mixture in the syringe in each of the two feedings and Kinsey (healthy one) two drops in her wet food twice. Does that sound right? Please help if you know anything about the sub Q fluids problem since I'm supposed to do this tomorrow(Monday) morning if she's still not eating.

thank you in advance!!
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Well you always can give your cat some pedialight (sp) with a syringe to make sure your cat get enough water .

I know Hissy would know , maybe pm her to ask her personaly or to read your thread . Good luck with your sweetie
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I can give sub-cu fluids, they did show you how correct? Not just tell you? The first time you do it is pretty daunting (at least for me it was) but if your cat has loose skin, and most do, between the shoulder blades is usually best. You have to grasp the skin gently and make a fold between your fingers and push the needle in a bit to get past the tough skin.

The GSE sounds about right, either 2-3 drops per feeding, not per syringe. You might want to give it a drop at a time, as it is pretty bitter and some cats foam and drool if they get it in their mouth to quickly. Plus you never use it straight, always mix it in either water or food.

Sorry your cat is so ill, but at least you will be able to assist if dehydration sets in.
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get better soon kitty
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I'm sorry your kitty isn't feeling well, it's hard to see them not feeling their best, you just want to fix it fast and have them back to being their usual self.

I do sub-q fluids every other day with my Patrick (he has chronic renal failure). If I can answer any specific questions, just pm me. My best suggestion..don't be alarmed if it takes a few times to get used to it, or if you accidentally go through the tent of skin a time or two (which you can quickly tell as the fluid then runs down their coat!)...we all have that happen. Find a comfortable position for your kitty (for Patrick, I put him in one of his favorite kitty beds), and if you are going to do this long term, consider getting Terumo ultra thin-wall needles, I find them easier to insert (and I think they are less uncomfortable) than any monoject needle.
I also find Patrick is more comfortable if I warm the fluids to room temp...*just* by resting the iv bag in a bowl of warm water (keeping the area where the tubing inserts into the iv bag clean and out of the water). I let the bag sit for 15 minutes, then hang the bag and flush out the tubing until I feel warmer iv solution running over my wrist. Then I proceed with giving him his sub-q fluids.
Best wishes, I hope your kitty feels better soon,
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Also I fogot to mention- after you give the fluids, your cat will resemble a hunchback look to the pouch where the fluids accumulate. They will eventually disperse, but the first time I did it, I was alarmed because the legs got all pudgy, but it was just the fluids draining down slowly.
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Thank you for all the support!! I successfully gave her the fluids this morning but she's still not eating. It's weird, cause she acts pretty normal and very playful, but just all stuffed up and not eating. Has it taken this long for your cats to get over their URIs? Its been about a week since she started treatment with little improvement. Does that sound too long?
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okay, Mosley ate like a pig last night!!! Thank you all for the help and advice!!

Of course now Kinsey won't eat. Do I need to take her to the vet right away or can I wait a day or so to see if she starts eating again. She is sneezing and a little stuffy, but it's clear and she just seems pretty tired other than that. It seems like if it's just a cold with no secondary infection that she'll just have to fight it off herself cause antibiotics won't help that. Is that right? Also, she's much feistier than Mosley so if she does need antibiotics is there any easier way than prying her mouth open for a pill that I can ask for?
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Have you tried feeding her off your fingers? With her stuffy nose she may not be able to smell the food. I would also nuke the food for a few seconds in the microwave to help tempt her to eat.
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Yeah, I've tried that...not much luck. Any thoughts on when it's time to take her to the vet or an easier way to give antibiotics if I need to give them to her?
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