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Rainbow Bridge

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I'm new at forums but

I just wanted to say how sorry i am about your precious Fern. I trully believe she is at Rainbow Bridge.I believe our Lord wants to make sure we are totally happy when we go to be with Him,so He created Rainbow Bridge
Purrs of Love
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Kathy, welcome to our forums, please make yourself at home here, and thank you for what you said, about rainbow bridge.

Our God is a loving God...(and I mean no offense to you who have a different god or no god at all).....
But kathy.... I truely beleive what you said....we WILL be reunited with our pets that we loved so much after we die. Like you said...God wants us to be happy....not to mention he is our father.....and no father would deny there child the love of their pet....even if we have to wait till we ourselves cross that 'rainbow bridge'
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Up until earlier today, I had no idea what the Rainbow Bridge was.

Now I have a sense of peace just thinking that someday I will be reunited with the many animals that have enriched my life, and hopefully that I have in return.

This is funny, as I was typing this, Lily bolted from under the computer desk, chasing Cagney, and tore a large chunk of flesh from my foot...but I just want to hug her and feel her purr in my arms...

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