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Curious . . . how often do you groom your kitty?

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I'm very strict with Luna's grooming. She doesn't even really need brushing more than once a week, since she's a Ragdoll. But, I bathe her religiously once a week, with her special shampoo for white cats. I brush her almost every day. I love keeping her fur perfect!

But really, more than that, I do all the grooming since I'm allergic to kitties. I almost never have trouble as long as she is bathed and brushed. Plus, she literally never sheds, since all the dead fur is removed every day.
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Echo & Bud are short hairs so they really don't need the grooming as much as Tiki (my Himmie). I comb E & B at least once a week just to get all the fly away dead hair out. But for Tiki, I have to comb her out at least every other day.

I had neglected to comb her out for almost 2 weeks...started a new job & I completely forgot all about it...too much other crap on my mind. Anyway, I noticed her belly was tangled up & took a better look. OMG..that poor baby! She was knotted up to the skin! I felt horrible about it and man was she ticked at me for combing those out. Now she's tangle free, but I've got to do this several times a week.
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Felicia is brushed every night at bedtime. It is a ritual with us, she pesters until I brush her.
Beau is only brushed about once a week.
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You have very pretty cats, Felicia, is Beau a Tonkinese or Burmese by any chance?
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Believe it or not I dont groom Zoey. I just pet her.
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My shorthairs don't need much brushing. Rowdy doesn't like it and Opie knocks the brush onto the floor and brushes himself.

Buddy gets matted, from the base of his tail and down his back legs. The rest of him stays relatively mat-free. He had some bad ones, in his bib and armpits, when I got him. He doesn't mind having his top side brushed but, when I go after his belly, armpits and butt, its a wrestling match!
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Thank You, I think they are pretty too. Beau is a purebred Burmese.
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i usally brush blacie and stripey once a week or more jsut because they like it, but if i get real busy they may have to go a couple weeks but they are short hair so its not that big of a deal, but if i had a long hair kitty i would do it more often because of mats, my sister has a long hair and she brushes her almost everyday, she says.
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How do I groom my kitties? Very carefully!

Carmella I took to a groomer and might continue that. I can swipe a slicker through her a occassionally. That's all she'll tolerate. But luckily, she has really silky hair and the matts seem to just fall out of her.

Henrietta I'm not sure about yet.

Peaches I brush a few minutes every day. And I bathe her myself about once a month. Thinking about increasing that just because she is so fluffy and sheds so much.
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I brush Spike every night before bed, even though he's a short-haired furball. He's not overly thrilled about being groomed, so if it's a bad night, and I only get half of him, it's not really a big deal.

He does come when I ask him if wants to be brushed though. Not because he wants to be groomed, but because he knows he gets two treats afterwards.
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Believe it or not I dont groom Zoey. I just pet her.
LOL!!! Same here, JB doesn't need it since he does it all the time. I tried when he was a few months old, do the brushing, etc, he hated it, mainly being still for that long was a problem. I did give him a bath a few weeks ago. (been a year since I did that)
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Zoey attacks the brush when I try to brush her
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LOL!!! Try the blow-dryer!!! I used to blow dry my JB after bathing him to help speed up the drying, I would have it on low and pretty far away, but he hated it, hissing and clawing at it!!! Same with the vacuum!!! Poor thing for some reason I'm laughing though thinking about it
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I brush mine everyday...
i used to only have to brush bobbie, with her zoomgroom
then she took a liking to another little soft toothed plastic brush that i have... so then i started to brush her with that as well as the zoom groom...
now zooey has decided she wants to be brushed too, but only with the plastic brush... vain little cats!

so now i have about 3 brushing sessions a day...
(i'm resident hair dresser)
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Allmost never!

Pollýanna loves to be brushed, but still I don´t do it as often as I would like to.

Feykirófa really hates it, but not as much as she used to do. I would have to hold her down, while brushing her, but now she doesn´t struggle so much, and it´s ok, if I only do it for a short time.

Pollýanna would like to be brushed all day long

They shed a lot, especially FeykÃ:censor:rófa, and especially an spring, but we kind of have an agreement, I pet her, she sheds her hair on the sofa, I vacum the hair when she is out...
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