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Mud puppies

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We just had a pretty good shower and didn't get the dogs in, in time. Our backyard had some rather large puddles and the made straight for them: running, romping, rolling and skidding. Needless to say, they are spending the night outside.
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I don't want to get too close to them!
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that is so funny , yes dogs like to do that Mine do that too if they have a change
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LOL! Do ya want to mud wrestle with them?

I can't believe your pups have gotten so big! I remember when they were little guys!
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Oh those dirty dogs!

Hey.... congrats on the rain in AZ. Has it cooled off at all?
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The temp dropped 10 degrees, in the last hour-and-a-half. Its only 93, right now but, the humidity is 22%.
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Mud puppies!

Your dogs are adorable! We finally got rain our way - started Friday night and it is still raining - that after 9 weeks of drought. Our temp dropped from the 100's a few days ago to a high of 65 today.
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Awwww . . . cute puppies! "Come give us a hug, Mom!!!" Hehe.
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I had to take a towel out, to wipe down my chair - those two balls of mud had been sitting in it. Pearl tried to climb into my lap. Ugh - muddy, stinky wet dog!

By 8:00, the mud had dried on them so I used a medium-stiff brush to get it off. They're in for the night, though. Pearl is in her crate and Ike is taking up the whole couch.

I wish that I had a video camera, though. The sight of Ike running full tilt and skidding through a mud puddle was TOO funny! I'll print out pix and send them to Katey. She misses Ike, even though she still has 5 of his siblings and his mother. She knows that he's well taken care of and he's happy with us.
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