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How much time do you spend with your cats?

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I just realised my cats have my undivided attention for a whopping 5-6 hours a day (if not more...) That works out at about an hour of totally personal time between me and each cat, and the other four hours is spent with them all together, or in pairs...

This time is spent grooming, hugging, petting, scratching, playing with and generally pampering them... and i'm pretty sure this is a conservative estimate... no wonder everyone says their spoiled rotten!

i suppose i'm lucky i get to spend so much time with them... i wonder if they ever get tired of having me around so much...?
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Mine get as much time, as they want. None of them is a snuggler and Buddy is the only one who needs to be brushed. Opie starts out the night, next to me but, by the time that I wake up, Buddy has replaced him. Rowdy sleeps out in the family room, with the dogs.
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Besides work... I'm all theirs! So they get what they want. Sometimes more then they want.
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Same here I spend a lot of time with the boys. At the very least 2 hours before I go to work and then a good 6 to 8 hours (sometimes more when I can't sleep) a night.

Are they spoiled *raising hand* Guilty your Honor!
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When I'm home I always play with Zoey and give her attention. When she's not sleeping of course.
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Hmmm, it really varies. Luna just follows me around everywhere I go at home. I'm almost never without my shadow! As far as snuggle time, she gets as much as she wants, which varies depending on her mood. She does get bathed every week, though, and brushed every day.
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I spend 5 hours a day with my cats. More if you count when I am asleep.
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Pretty much any of the time that I'm at home. If Spike wants attention, that's what he gets. I also spend about two sessions daily (approx. 30 minutes each) running him. He loves chasing stuff I toss, and it keeps him in shape, so I wander from room to room, tossing his favorite toys.
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what luckly little fur balls they all are
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i guess all of the time i'm home..i'm always spending with them or rather they spend it with me... we do a lot of things together.. we watch tv together, take naps together and we play together... probably abt 5-6 hrs per day...
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i try and spend most of the evenig with the boys, i help my mom and dad with some things after work but most of time its nothing real time comsuming, when im with them i play brush them, talk to them and just pet them and lovem, but when im not here my husband is usally playing with them, he works for himself here at the house he has a body shop, so hes in and out all day and then in the eveing hes usally here all the time. so they get plenty of attention from us, thats why they are so spoiled, but thats okay
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