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Young male cat not interested in female in heat

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I have some beautiful persians that I am interested in breeding.  I am a first time breeder, and my male is finally old enough to be bred (he is 1 year old) female (2 years old) is in raging heat...walking around the house howling and presenting for days and days.  I assumed that the two of them would naturally figure things out...but he is absolutely not interested in her in any way!  Is this normal for a young male who has not bred before?  She is throwing herself at him and he hisses at her and walks away.  

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Originally Posted by earth2283 View Post

..but he is absolutely not interested in her in any way!  Is this normal for a young male who has not bred before? 


Oh yes... Quite much comes with experience.   :)

So here we have several variations.

1  You let them be near, and hope for the best these several days the heat is on.  If not this time, so at the next heat it will hopefully be done.

This would work marvellously if you, say, took him home to you as visitor, to do his stud services. (or vice versa).

One key is also the humans in the home are friendly to the visiting cat - male or female - if the cat feels safe and at ease with the hosts, he she will easier do what should be done.


2. Your both cats are residents and normally pals, yes?. So they have the opposite problem.  Cats living together very often dont "ignite" on each other.  Which may be quite comfortable for the owners, as it makes it entirely possible for breeders to have fertile cats living together as family cats.

It is of course NOT any safe nor recommended precaution mode, but if they are of the same breed, a possible mating will not be a catastrophe.   Unplanned, and probably unconvenient, but no catastrophe.


So what to do if you WANT them to ignite on each other?

The usual trick is to have them in a mating room.

Ie a smaller room, with not very much else to do.  food, litter, a scratching post, some toys, a couple of laying places,  a couple of shelves, so they have somewhere to escape to if they are going to be aggressive (or the mating success!!! -  the female usually strikes at the male immediately after the first, successfull mating - it usually gets calmer the next times).

Being in this mating room, hours and days and nights, with not much to do, it will dawn up on the boy, this is something especial going on, and probably, he is supposed to do something.


3.   He shouldnt be too young if he is over 1 year, although persians are somewhat later maturing than many other.   males usually can also as quite young, although they when young often dont really know how to do it, or dont dare to step on the female.

With late females it helps sometimes with extra vitamine E, it comes to me it maybe perhaps helps for males to, with extra vitamine E.


4.  He may be one of those who really dont know, even as a grown up.  Happens, and these toms are of course not useful as studs, and perhaps even not desirable.


5.  He perhaps dont "ignite" on her at all...  Cats are individuals, so such variations happens now and then...    What you can do in such situation is perhaps to change stud services with some other breeder, who had perhaps already used his stud on his females several times, and wants fresh blood, not to repeat once again exactly the same combination.  This way, nobody of you must pay the stud fee, which are often quite high.


Out on the street among moggies you dont notice it, that some individuals not igniting on each other or not knowing how to do it, as the male mating with the female in heat is of course only the interested who know what and how to do it.

These not interested keep away, or just looks on.


Welcome to our Forums!



Good luck!

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As a Persian momma myself and I did a research paper on Persian breeding last semester.... I can tell you that male Persians are "late bloomers" very often.  Sometimes not showing interest in mating until 2 or 3 years old!  And, after that, they are slow to learn how to do so correctly.  Most breeders with experience or a mentor, go for an experienced stud first.  Because they don't want their girls to keep coming into heat waiting on the male to "mature" and then learn how it's done. 


I would suggest finding a mentor if you want to breed first off.  Then maybe they can help you find an experienced stud to deflower your girl... That way, she can help your boy learn how faster.  It helps, I am told, if one of them knows what they are doing! 

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Hope your cats are all on the active register - kittens can be registered.


Assuming they are, take your girl to an experienced stud for now.  Continual calling without being mated is bad for her health.  It increases the risk of breast cancer and pyometria. 

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Agree with asking your mentor to help you find a more experienced boy, yours probably just needs more time to mature.  Do you know what age their lines usually mate at? That can be an indicator as to how long your lad will need to mature.

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