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Mozart and Hedi you are sweeties.
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Wow great pictures everyone. Now I guess I'll have to put some makeup on and take some pics with Em. Em doesn't need makeup, he's a natural beauty
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Thank you guys
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Here I am with Indy Jones. I don't have too many pictures of me and the Kitties since I haven't been able to teach them how to work the camera, yet!!
Indy is getting ready to have one of his Brat attacks where he starts whining and crying since I'm holding him and he doesn't want to be held at the moment.

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Sid thats a great picture of you and your cat . Yea it kind of looks like that Indy Jones is saying : I am going to get you now ...
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He looks a lot like my old boy Domino that passes away a couple of years ago. Same attitude is showing through in his face. What a handsome boy he is - and what a great photo.

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Sid_the_Cat_Man - That is a great photo. I love the expression on both of your faces!
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Sid - that is a great pic. I should try to get one of me with the momma's boy Merlin!
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SIIIIDD!! I love your website!!!! Man those cats are soooo spoiled, the time you took into making everything for them the treat story, the pictures, argh, drroooling over your kitties, I think I like Neko though, I could play with him for hours!! Okay, 10 more pics to go for you to post here LOL
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That's actually the only picture I have of me and one of the kitties. It was taken by my 5 year old niece while she was playing with my digital camera. She was visiting me from El Paso. One of these days, I HAVE to teach the Kitties how to work the camera.

Psst, don't tell the other Kitties, but Neko is my favorite also.

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Sid - I just looked at your website - your house is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I can not show my cats, they will get jealous!
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Great pics i can't wait til i get my digital camera so
i can post some pics of me and patches
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I think the Kitties are pretty happy with their house. Wish I could afford more for them!!

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Sid, your website is great! And your cats look very happy!
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Here's my pic. I don't have a camera, so I had to do it ghetto style! I borrowed my brother's camera a couple months back, and took a pic of Snowball. The pic of me was taken just this past Friday, and it's from my company's intranet site. Using my incredible Photoshop skills, I seamlessly integrated myself and Snowball (not!).

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Glen- I can't see any picture.
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That's weird, my geocities page where I posted it is crapping out. Can I email the pic to someone and have them post it?
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Here's your picture glen - its a great pic, Snowball is beautiful

I just copied the link and pasted it in my browser and it showed up. Geocities does not allow direct linking to message boards.
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that is a great picture of you two , Snowball is a very pretty cat .
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Here is me and Leo. He gives me kisses :lips:
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hockey that picture of you two are so cute
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Thanks I am not looking so hot but I think Leo looks cute
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Hockeygrrl - you and Leo are both so cute!
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Hockeygrrl that is such a cute photo!

Yours too Glen, what a pretty kitty!
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Leo and Snowball are adorable!
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That is SO cute, MA!
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But don't kisses BRING smiles?
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Aw that is so cute MA!!! I can't believe how big Noddy is! She must bring so much joy in your lives, along with her sisters!
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awwwwww M.A. how cute a kiss for the sweet mom . That is a great shot of you
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