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Tigra and Willie are absolutly beautyfull . Great pictures The Wolves look very happy . You guys do a great job Thanks for the pictures George
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Pamela I love that last pic!!! Cat in action!
tigers and wolves oh my (now we just need a lion and a bear to complete Dorothy's exasperation )
Momofmany, wow!! Full chair!!! Advertisement for lazyboychairs!
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I love your photo. We have eight cats and five dogs in our house, but never seem to have more than three or four on us at a time.

As for the tigers, Willie is reasonably friendly, but can only be "petted" briefly and from outside the cage. Tigra will allow some contact from outside the cage also, but she is quite dangerous and we have to be very careful. In some specific situations people can go in Willie's cage, but always in pairs and always people that are trained and experienced with tigers. Absolutely no on goes in Tigra's cage. (We clean the cages by shifting the animal into a separate "lock down" area and closing the drop door. Once the cage is cleaned and everyone is out the drop door is opened again - from outside the cage.) These are rescued animals, not pets. They are amazingly beautiful but I still don't understand why someone would try to make a pet of one. Even a well "socialized" tiger is extremely dangerous. Someone with the proper experience and training, and a tiger that is properly raised, can have very rewarding interactions. The problem is that most people that get one of these cats don't know what they're doing and think if they raise it like they raised their house cat it will be their pet.

The wolves are also rescues. I have a very special bond with them, and the big male is very attached to me. I still would not support the concept of someone keeping one as a pet.

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now we just need a lion and a bear to complete Dorothy's exasperation
There's a chance we may be getting two lion cubs and a 6 month old, but only for a temporary hold.

Bears - Oh my, they scare me. Much to smart and strong. I've seen several in the wild while camping or hiking and am comfortable with my interactions with them there (all black bears.) They are amazing creatures, but much to difficult to contain and house for me.

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Originally posted by CharmsDad
This is Tigra, the "little" one (only 400 lbs.):

Stunning just stunning. Thanks for sharing.
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ok they aren't very good pics but it's when we first got Kanga

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Tamme you are so cute and of course KANGA
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What cute pictures. I love your pictures, is that Tigger that looks so happy and fat stretched out on his back on the couch? What a happy looking cat.

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Here's a picture of me and Tibby

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Oh Laura such a cute picture of you and Tibby!
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I love how Tibby's paws are wrapped around your arm. Great pic!
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Originally posted by Tamme

Awwwww......love snuggle pics. And of course Kanga is extra adorable in this pic!

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You are SO pretty!!! Love your hair!!! Kanga is way too precious, and can I tell ya a secret? ((I won't cry if you post more pictures!))

That picture of you and Tibby is priceless. I love how Tibby is clutching your arm. Soooo sweet. More pics pllease!!
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I am posting for GStein.. her and her furbaby Malachi
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Tamme you're peeerty!!!, nice eyes and lips if I may comment love the snuggle pose

Basson, funny pic, love wrestling with my JB like that, cool hair color

Sicy, who is gstein? nice pic of both of them
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Me and Saki

Boy let me tell you, sleeping kittens are hilarious.. I was trying to wake him up, kissing him all over and even moving him and he didnt move
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Aw! Sicy & Saki! Hubba Hubba! LOL!

Whatta cute pikkie chik!
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Careful, looks like Saki just might die from pure happiness. What a cute picture.

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I love this thread, the pictures are so cute!

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to submit theirs into the Members Gallery, let me know!
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here's me and roxy.. not the best but it's all i have right now
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Annabelle, you are so pretty!
Aww Sicy finally found her snuggler!
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Me and my lap cat Saki

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Sicy!!! Woohooo for the lap kitty, of course, you seemed to be not smiling though LOL!
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I was watching TV
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OK here is a pic of me and Mozart
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These are the best pictures ever! I love it. I cannot believe there are real tigers pics on this thread - I am so excited and I want one so bad. I am very jealous!

Sicy (non cat question) how do you keep your hair so shiny!! I am jealous again!
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Originally posted by lunidoo
Sicy (non cat question) how do you keep your hair so shiny!! I am jealous again!
I use the same shampoo Zoey does..

Kidding! LOL. I dunno.. I've been using Infusium shampoo and conditioner for years.. I love the stuff.
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Youre a funny girl!! I think its true though cos Zoey also has such shiny fur and is always so perfectly groomed too! OMG I have just thought of the best idea and you and Zoey would be the perfct spokesmodels for it. Instead of those "his and hers" shampoos, we'd have a "feline and friends" shampoo that both kittys and humans can use. Yay, what a brilliant idea - we could be rich!
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LOL! That's a great idea, I'll get right on it.
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Hedi, you look so cute with Mozart! I love seeing cat people!!

Sicy, you and Saki are adorable too!
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