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Here's my furbaby, mostly my JB hogging the camera!
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Great thread! And so nice pics. *I want a digital camera!!!*
My sister is in Scotland right now, she was gonna buy a digital camera while there, so maybe I can post a pic soon.
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JellyBelly!! Cute one!!!
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This is not a good pic of me but since I have not had anyone take pics of me with my cats this will have to do.

In this pic, u'll see me with Buddy who tend to jump on my back and relax on my back/shoulders. I was kneeling on the floor doing some paperwork and Buddy decided to "perch" on my back so that's why the ceiling looks so high.
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The only one I have of me and one of my kitties is just me and Fluff....

We had just brought her home this day...don't I look proud??!!
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The only one I have of me and one of my kitties is just me and Fluff....

We had just brought her home this day...don't I look proud??!!
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Cute pics everyone!

I see we're still having the duplicate post problem!
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I just noticed that..hmmm..must be a glick or something... who knows?
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Beautiful pics, everyone. Wish I had some of me and Mini. Noticed I'd been spelling Mini's name wrong in every post. Thinkin' of something else. Marie is actually her middle name. Why didn't I call her Marie Mini?
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OK, I have one of me and my two. This one is me and my adopted 12 year old Sammy. Isn't she beautiful?

And the next one, albeit a bit blurry, is me and my constant companion, Ethel. I love her soooooooo much!
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Awwwwww, sleepy time!
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Awww cute pics nicole!
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My kitties weren't too happy about taking these pictures but I managed to get some where we all look decent

Me and Max

Me and Vladimir (I swear, he always looks like a stuffed animal in pictures - his face has NO expression and he doesn't even blink with the flash like most cats!)

I figured today was a good day for pictures since my outfit coordinated well with their coloring
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This is me with Willie. (I was holding the camera in one hand and trying to get our photo, so it's a bit off.) He is a rescue.

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WHAT!!!!!!!!! You have a tiger????????
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at CharmsDad! Boy you must go through a lot of food with that big guy! hehe
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Here is my husband in his night-time, sleepy cat position. Only three on his lap right now, usually there is more....
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Yes, Willie is a 600 lb tiger. Tigra is the smaller one (not pictures), she's 400 lbs.

They're both rescues, not pets (along with quite a few other big critters.)

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Oooooh George - tell us more!

I love your tiger btw!
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Tigra has been raised somewhere in California by someone that wanted to use her to make money in movies and commercials. This person really didn't know what he was doing, and as she got older Tigra became increasingly neurotic and unpredictable. She broke one of her upper canines and was finally shipped off to a rescue in Texas.

Though well intentioned, this rescue had taken in more cats (50) then they were able to handle. Many of the big cats were in small dog kennels (10 x 10) set up on concrete pads. The site was on the side of a mountain and there was not sufficient shelter from the cold, ice and wind. On top of all this, the manager that had been hired ran off with most of the operating money. The executive director of our facility had gone to help out with some issues and offered to take Tigra, the cat in the worst shape. Among other things, she was very underweight, had serious frostbite on her paws, she had an infected sore on her chin, and the broken canine was infected and inflamed.

Two years later Tigra now has gained quite a bit of weight, all her medical issues have cleared up, and she appears to be a happy and healthy girl living in a 2400 square foot enclusure. She still shows some neurotic and unpredictable behavior and no one is allowed direct contact, though we do play with her by running around outside the pen. As an example, when I built her den box she would charge and roar every time I carried in a piece of plywood. Even though she was safely in the shift cage at the time, it is still a big unsettling to have a tiger charge you.

Willie was a different, and a bit more typical, rescue. He was at a mini golf course as part of little zoo. When the golf course shut down Willie and his companion, Lily, had to be moved quickly. (We got the call on Wednesday and they had to be moved by Tuesday the next week or be euthanized.) The local vet, not familiar with tigers, sedated them both for transport. Willie came though the trip OK, but Lily did not do well and died shortly after arriving. Willie had grown up with her and was very depressed for a while. Now he seems to be eyeing Tigra next door and they talk to each other. The plan is to build an extension on Tigra's pen and try to introduce them soon. (Willie is currently housed in a 2000+ square foot pen which is intended to hold the facility's cougars, which are temporarily at a facility in Georgia.)

Unlike in the wild, tigers do quite well in pairs or small groups in captivity. They are calmer and appear much happier this way and actually seek out attention from care takers, playing like domestic cats. For safety reasons, we don't go in the cage with either of the tigers, though we have protocols and experience should this be necessary (as it was to remove Lily's body.)

more info at


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CharmsDad that is so awsome what you all do , WOW .
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omg I love the new pics and holy wow at the tiger!!! That is so awesome.
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Wow! Our first ancestor, a tiger!!! send us more pics if u can
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Found another pic of another cat with me! This is Spike- he was trying to get to the fur on the cat comb that I had in my hand... I don't look that great..As u can see, I was in pjs!
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Ooooh George , What a neat thing to do.
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This is Tigra, the "little" one (only 400 lbs.):

And here's a better picture of Willie:

And here's some more of my babies (OK, not cats.):

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Great tiger....and are those wolves that I saw?!?!?

Here I am with (from neck down): Bogart, Sage, Stumpy, Dakota, and Koko, asleep on me in the "magic chair". Muddy is just out of the picture by my elbow. A typical night at my house.
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OMG George your tigers are gorgeous!, Can you pet them?
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