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My Cat Herd

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I have dug out my most current favourite photos of my cat herd.

Georgie loves his fruitbowl….I need to buy a new fruit bowl.

Milly is very slowly melting into a mush ball. She’ll let me hold her and give her kisses for about 60 seconds before she wants down, a house record for Milly. Doesn’t she look so beautiful & grownup in this photo.

Milo’s photos nearly always feature that beautiful belly.

Treacle looks so regal in the dusk light, wonder what he is looking at ?

As Bramble & Tigs are rarely separated, here is my best two recent shots.
Tigs grooming Bramble (as ever, she is very patient)

Kits stretching on the sofa, Bramble nearly fell off.

Just a couple of misc. photos for good measure.

Another dusk shot of Milly with Milo & Treacle in the background.

Sweet shot of George & Milo exploring the hedge clippings. I love the green in the photo.
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Wow quite the crew that you have there all of them are georgous
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Treacle looks purple in that dusk photo!

Wow! Very Pretty!
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Lovely lovely little people!
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WOW great pictures of all your pretty kitties
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they are soooo cute!!
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Aww great pics! Your kitties are so precious!
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What a good-looking furfamily you have! They're all so cute.
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What beautiful cats and good quailty pictures!

Thanks for sharing
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They are all so precious!!! And Treacle (in both shots) looks just like a mini-panther to me. Awesome photographs of awesome cats.
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Thanks for all the kind comments about my crew.
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Very pretty cats!
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Great pics and I love the names of your cats!
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