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The cost of bathing your cat

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I just cannot do it...I am going to call the vet's office Tuesday, and see how much they charge for this....I don't know what my problem is, but I just can't seem to calm my kitties when they are in the bath and they run out before I even get started..
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Kathi- I moved you to Care and Grooming. When you have time, why don't you type your "procedure" here and see if someone can help you out a bit? Just go slow and take it step by step and maybe someone here can help save you a vet visit.
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I really thought Fluffy would like the bath since she is so interested in the water when I have it running when I take a bath...soo, what I do is start running water..very little at a time and put them in is pretty warm, but not hot...I kinda make a swirling motion in front of Fluff to let her know it isn't going to hurt her, and talk calmly to her, but she is so freaked out by it, she runs backwards 50 mph them leaps out and she has wet feet, and partially wet tail, but that is all that gets accomplished...
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I pay $ 30:00 dollars at my vet for one cat , they have a groomer there .
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Do you have a bathroom with a shower head that is not attatched to the wall? If you do, put the cat in with you, you'll be in your bathers of course, close the door and use the shower head.

I think bathing them like this is a LOT less stressful than submerging them in water. Also the shower head means you can get all those hard to reach places easier.

If you don't have a shower head then... i don't know, maybe your vet would be a better idea... For some cats it's just too scary to be IN the water... Our cats would rather we shave them than get in a tub full of water, but they're okay with being showered...

I hope i've been clear about the type of shower... it won't work with one that's stuck in the wall, it has to be the type that you can move around, and you need a shower that's enclosed.
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My kitties hate the sound of running water. I have a double sink in the kitchen and fill both sides before bringing in the kitties. I have to restrain them as they often try to get away. Petco has a bath restrait. It attaches to the side of the "tub" with suction cups. They should also have an attachment for the faucet that will make it a "shower head.
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You bathe both cats at once? Brave woman! I do one at a time, when I do bathe them. But most cats are so good at grooming themselves that I just let them self-clean. I use a deep buckets when I bathe. I clip claws first thing, then put the two buckets in the shower, fill them with enough water to get the cat's rump wet. The buckets are useful for two reasons. One is the cat is scared, so he grips the top of the bucket when I lower him in (versus my arm) and two the buckets keep the water warmer. I have the shower hose nearby (off) and I scoop the water over the cat, getting him as wet as I can. I have also lined the bottom of the shower stall with a towel so if the cat does get away (and he is scruffed gently throughout the process) he doesn't get spooked on the slick surface and scare himself more. After he is lathered up, I place him in the second bucket which has just a little bit more water than the first. Still scruffing him, I turn on the shower hose and wash him off. I never put water or soap past their neck- keeping it away from their ears and eyes. Then I lift them out, into a waiting warmed towel that has been cycling in the dryer and towel him off.
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I take my Ragdoll to my vet for a bath about ever 6 weeks and he charges me $25.00 complete with "butt shaving" and claws clipped. This is pretty cheap but he likes me....LOL.....I have called around to a few groomers and got prices of $35.00-$50.00 depending how long the cats fur is and if they have to wear an armoured suit when they bath him...LMFAO!
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I bath both my cats at home since I have a detachable shower head which is quite handy. Luckly they don't need it too often since they don't go outside except to the vet or on-leash. I just haven't been able to clip their nails though so off to the vet they go for that every 6 weeks or so (our vet charges $6.00 for nail clips but they don't do grooming). I think the cheapest here for a groomer for cats is around $40.00 - $70.00 depending on whjat is being done. Plus I do one cat at a time. I put a little warm water in the bottom of the bathtub to help the cat not to freak out too much plus it seems to help clean their paws better. It would be a good idea to shut the bathroom door if you don't have a shower door that closes and to have someone help you with the 'chore'.
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I guess I'm luck with most of my cats...except one grrrr hes a handful...
I just put some water in the tub about up to thier knees and take the hose and wet them down...
They all do surprisingly well until you get to thier faces...thats the tricky part
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How often do you need to bathe cats? I haven't given Simon a bath in the 4-6 weeks he's lived here. He doesn't seem to be dirty, should I bathe him anyway? Wondering if I'm being a bad cat Mom here.
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The only time I bathe my cats is if there is a health issue.Other than that, the good Lord has equipped them to do their own bathing.
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I think it really depends on the kind of cat you have ....persians HAVE to have a bath...on the other hand I feel as hissy if you have a domestic short haired cat and its coat is healthy you really dont need to wash him/her. I have outside barn cats they get flea & tick sprayed once a week but they havent ever had a bath...boy I wouldnt dare wash them! But if you have longer haired cats you probably will need to wash them.
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Simon is a ragdoll with what I think is a shorter than average coat. I should say that if he gets into something,usually on the bathroom counter-toothpaste seems to be a weakness of his I'll help him out with a warm cloth. He also has an uncanny ability to rub up against the twins right after they've had something messy so I have 3 babies to wipe off.
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I wouldnt worry about it if you can do it with a might help his coat though to get some high protien cat shampoo and give him a bath...though it might hurt you to do it!
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Sigh, if it will be good for him it doesn't matter if it might hurt me a bit. Bath for Simon next weekend. When he's cursing at me I'll tell him it's all your fault.
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LMAO please oh please dont tell him its my fault
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Oh dear am I missing something here - I have never bathed my cats. the only time one ever gets a bath is when she gets groomed (by someone else). Should they be bathed - they seem okay to me - very clean and all. I do their ears if they need it and a gentle brush for those that will go for it but other than that they do pretty well on their own. Is this an issue? I'm rather loathe to start now as they are pretty big (as well as aged)and can get pretty agressive when pushed!
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No I wouldnt bother they sound like they do fine without one...just the cats that have medical problems or long tends to get really dirty...I am sure your cats are fine
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phew! thanks for the reassurance fancycady.
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I took Em to the groomers once. He came out smelling like a rose. I've bathed him twice myself. Once he jumped in the shower with me and I took this as a chance to wash him. The other time I took him to my mom's so she could help me. I'm taking him to the groomers again. She did a really good job and only charged $15.
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