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Names have finally been chosen

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Finally... it took us two weeks... but after lots of thought and consideration... we have named our babies.

As most of you know.. one of them is named Sebastian (Bastian for short).. I chose that name just because I love it and it seemed to fit him perfectly.

Sebastian's brother (the biggest one with the dark blue collar) is named Andrew (Drew for short). Craig named him after a friend of his that committed suicide last year.

The smallest one of the bunch (the one with the green collar) we've named Jacob (Jake for short). I named this guy after my little brother that I haven't seen in almost two years.

So there you have it.. all my babies are named. It took us long enough.. but I think they all fit their names well and I'm very comfortable with the names.. and I think they are too!

Finally, mission accomplished!

"Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself"
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Sebastion (Bastion), Drew and Jake!!!!!!!!!!!! What totally awesome names!!!!! I have a big long-haired , black, male cat named Sebastion also!
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It took me long enough.. and I couldn't decide if I should go with human names or cute little names like some of the ideas given to me here.. I kinda liked Thumper and Cupid.. Jake would fit the Cupid role perfectly. He's definitely a ladies man.. he always come running right to me to give me love. When he first wakes up, when he wants a nap, and when I'm getting ready for bed.. he wants to cuddle, snuggle, and purr all around my face, neck, and ears... and he knows its irresistable! LOL

We chose human though... we wanted to name them after special people in our lives. I'm glad you like em Debby.. our room-mate seems to think that Jake is a stupid name for a cat *sigh* That kinda had me wondering if I should rename him or not? I'm still not sure. I'll probably stick with it though!

Thanks again Debby!

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I wouldn't change it...I'd go with your first instinct....I think Jake is a cute name for a male cat...and if you like it....who cares what anyone else thinks!!!
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(and don't tell Jake and BagPuss' Mom Amanda that Jake is a stupid name!)

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or Nena10
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