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Something is wrong : Lethargic cat - Not Eating  

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My 5 year old male cat was fine yesterday morning. However something must have taken effect overnight. This morning he is completely lethargic. He won't get up from his spot and keeps sleeping. He seems almost lifeless and barely responsive. I would set him on his feet to have a feel of his ribs and stomach, checked his limbs, mouth, ears and they seem fine( from what I can). However once he was at his feet, he'd just slowly walk over to the nearest corner and lay down. He won't even eat or drink. We currently feed him on Wellness and Nutro Max and sometimes Blue. He's normally a picky eater so the only thing he eats without question and hesitation is Fancy Feast. He even turned that down.

I'm still waiting to check on his litter box activity. I can't tell if he's been straining to urinate lately or not. My mom and sister told me when they tried to pick him up he'd whine or make an annoyed growl so that's another clear indication he is in some sort of pain. I just wish I knew what was causing it. He's always been such an upbeat guy, tail always up with confidence. It's heart breaking to see is dragging on the floor. His whole mannerism and the way he carries himself is different and weak.

Unfortunately the vet was booked today so we're taking him immediately tomorrow. Until then I'm watching him closely and marking down additional signs of worry. Should I let him rest or should I try to encourage him to move around? I'm hoping to motivate him to eat later tonight, or at the very least drink something.

He has has a UTI in the past with forming crystals. I'm worried this may be happening again but at that time, are warning sign was blood in the urine. I'm not even sure if he has the strength or desire to use the litter box.

Occasionally, I would hear something close to a cough. Earlier today it was easier to hear his breathing and there was a little bit of a throaty gurgle. This only happened once this morning and maybe 1 month ago. I'm not sure if this is something to worry about or something as simple as me just clearing my throat.

He's an indoor cat. Every now and then we take him out on a leash on our front yard. My mom lets him out in the garage sometimes by himself. Though we're pretty sure we've had all the dangerous things out of reach I'm worried he may have some sort of poisoning. Maybe he ate something while we weren't looking.

I'm looking up more information online and trying to figure out what's going on.

if anyone has had any similar experiences or theories on what could be happening, please, please let me know. Until we go to the vet tomorrow I can't stop worrying. I'm in tears because I can't stand knowing he's in pain and how he was so sweet yesterday morning and so expressive and lively and now he's completely the opposite.

Thank you

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If you have an emergency vet available, I think I'd get him in asap - not wait until tomorrow. Cats can crash so quickly. Good luck to you!

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There was recently a cat food recall.  Wellness dog food was on the list, not sure about the cat food.  Since it's a sudden onset of illness like this, I'd be heading to a vet.

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Yes, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring him into emergency! I tell you this from experience!!! My cat Alex acted that way and hours later she was gone. I'm not trying to scare you but I had no idea how fast that can happen and it traumatized and devastated me so much I'm still not over it 4 years later and I doubt I ever will be. Is his third eyelid showing? If so, go now to the ER. PLEASE. Infections can set into the organs very, very fast and yes, a crash happens quickly. Please go!! I beg you!

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Well unfortunately, this resulted in a fight with my mom. I too, was worried and started pushing for an emergency visit but my mom was against it. She thinks it's too soon and the vet she spoke to told them since it just started, it's better to wait a day to watch him instead of visit and potentially waste money. I failed on convincing her otherwise, despite the signs I was seeing. Considering she's the one footing the bill, I can't really do anything else.

Although I still consider Francis my cat, he's technically my parent's. Originally, I was going to take him with me when I moved back to the States but after much thought, I decided it would not be a good choice for him. My parents wanted to keep him and believe me taking him would only stress him out. It was a decision I made for his best benefit where he'd be happiest, but I'm getting panicked that my parents don't want to spend the extra money for Francis. I can understand their reasoning, they think they will go there and find out the vet doesn't understand what's wrong because they went too soon and they paid the extra fee for nothing when they could have waited, but personally I don't like taking that chance. Unfortunately, my husband and I cannot afford to take him ourselves ( we're literally poor, which is why we're living with our parents until my immigration papers go through), especially if we're not going to be the ones to keep him.


Good news though, is that at 5 am Francis ate some kibble, though personally I wish he chose the wet food instead. :/ darn it, why is he such a kibble junkie. I was disturbed he didn't drink water and still no litter box activity. Yet, somehow, he was suddenly back to normal. Like WHA-BAM! All perky and cuddly with me and what the heck just happened? Don't get me wrong, I was relieved he was fine but I found it strange.

Either way we took him to the vet this morning and voiced our concerns. Currently he's having his blood and urine checked so we're picking him up in a couple of hours. I just hope and pray that, I was wrong in worry about the blockage and that it's not too late. I'm still sorta upset with my mom but now she's still rubbing it in my face how I over reacted over nothing. Well, I just hope she's right and the results are clear. I also face-palmed at my mom buying Science Hill's Prescription Diet for UTI treatment. I can appreciate why but I'm just not a fan of the brand at all. There are better, more natural alternatives to help prevent future UTI occurrences that my mom doesn't feel is as effective. Thankfully, she only plans to use them as 'kibble sprinkles' and not for a meal, so I guess that's reasonable, sorta. Still if it were up to me, I wouldn't.

Thank you for your wishes and concerns everyone. I will let you know the results when I pick Francis up.


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Okay good, at least Francis is there at the vets now. I hope it's nothing serious but I do hope that the vet expresses to your mom how important it is to get a kitty who's behaving like that in quickly. Don't feel bad, my folks just don't get that either. They think it's not the same for animals in distress like it is for humans. Can't understand that one myself but I'm done explaining it and arguing it to them. Please keep us posted and I'm happy you kept trying! 

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Originally Posted by finnlacey View Post

Okay good, at least Francis is there at the vets now. I hope it's nothing serious but I do hope that the vet expresses to your mom how important it is to get a kitty who's behaving like that in quickly. Don't feel bad, my folks just don't get that either. They think it's not the same for animals in distress like it is for humans. Can't understand that one myself but I'm done explaining it and arguing it to them. Please keep us posted and I'm happy you kept trying! 


Thank you, will do :)


I just find it odd because he has had that in the past and my mom knows that. So she knows first hand how bad things could be yet still had no need to consider an emergency visit unless he looked like he was dying. At the every least, the ride there was not as stressful for him. Usually he'd cry or appear more frantic, but ever since I got him the Sleepy Pod carrier, he seems more relaxed and safe in it :)


I'm pretty sure, if it was something serious he wouldn't be all spunky this morning right? He was even rolling around with me and pounced on my face so I'd like to at least hope that whatever he was going through, the worst is over. I'm just so eager to get him back and hear he's okay. Waiting takes too long! lol


P.S - I'm so sorry about Alex :(

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Awwww thank you so much. Actually no, cats are MASTERS at hiding serious illness so something could still be wrong. Can you call the vet and ask for an update? That's what I do when I don't hear anything by the afternoon. You did the right thing, just remember that.

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Hope you cat will be okay.  Good luck.

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Well, I called it. He had a blockage. However we were lucky it was relatively minor so flushing it out wasn't too difficult. However my mom still thinks we did it early enough :/ I guess the only reasonable motivation she had was to make sure we got the better vet of the two we contacted. I admit I like the doctor for the vet we went to, he's the type who sincerley cares about the pets and I appreciate his tenderness on the way he handles them. I seem to remember the other one who had an available emergency visit are a little more rough witht he handling that I'm not comfortable with. Not too sure on the details since my mom handled the phone calling and decision on this. I had no say.

Anyways, Francis is fine now. He's recovering nicely. Regained his appetite and started drinking again. As for the cause, we're waiting to hear back to see if it was a result of an in balance of magnesium or calcium. Whichever we find out, we're hoping to change his kibble. Personally, I want to switch Francis to an all wet food diet but he's too much of a stubborn kibble junkie and my mom is buying into the whole " Kibble helps their jaws and teeth."

Boy if only I could feed him raw...

But I guess having at least one can of wet a day is better than no can. Thankfully, the food Francis ate today were all canned.

Thank you for all your support everyone! I know Francis won't be mine for much longer but I still want to do my best to care for him. My parent's hearts are in the right place and over all, I know he's better staying with them, however I still can't help but think they're a bit slow :/

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You are a a great mom to Francis for trying so hard and even getting him to the vet at all you saved his life!!! Just remember that. Enjoy him for as long as you can and love him the way you already do. So glad he's okay!

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So glad to hear your cat is ok, reading this brought bad memories back for me when my cat fergie was all blocked up, i was so upset i really thought i was going to lose him and it was all down to feeding him dry food all the time, as i have all male cats they have to have wet food as crystals can build up in the urine and thats what blocks them up, it can be life threatening to them if not detected early.

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Thanks for the update and happy news.  You did the right thing.

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I used to raise cats.

Sounds like a twisted bowel. You need to get him to the VEt immediately or you will lose him if my guess is right.


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Note from the mods: this thread is over a year old.

Nasticanasta's post about his cat Petey has been moved to its own thread along with the associated replies. For updates on Petey you can follow that thread here.
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Wonderful outcome, it's great.


Just had to say a while ago my cat was very ill, the doctor could not even do the test until he was better. Before we left the office (the cat was not eating) the doctor gave him a jar of baby food and the cat ate the entire jar, then over a couple days he bounced back, it was a miracle.


A curse and a miracle, the cat still loves the baby food, chicken beef and turkey is what I gave him.

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dear miss or Sir,

pleASE TAKE YOUR KITTY TO THE vet now now now now now now now !!! iF YOU love love love YOUR KITTY yOU WILL.

Please take kitty to DOCTORS NOW NOW NOW !!!chescat.gif KITTY IS SICKhello.gifvancat.gifcatbi.gifsilver.gifcreampersian.gifblackcat.gif KITTY feels ill,alright.gifDon't let Kitty Die!!!



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I was responding to the post about the blockage in the cat, itty bitty kitty. I am telling people that on giving my cat baby food he bounced back to health, not perfect health but back from what looked like near death. You didn't read that and you are over reacting? I'm not sure, but just to clarify, he is ok, he is fine.

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be very careful about giving your cat baby food. make sure it's all beef or chicken with no garlic or onion at these can be toxic to cats. glad you baby is feeling better.

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Don't waste any more time, get you cat to the vet immediately!

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At this point I'm not really sure who I'm responding to but if the cat is sick, bottom line...get him or her to a vet.   Please.

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Again, please note, the original thread is over a year old.  Not sure what is happening that people are starting to post that this cat needs to be seen immediately by a vet, because the original poster came back on and said everything worked out AOK. 


Sadly, another poster tagged on to this thread a few days ago about Petey having the same symptoms, and Petey didn't make it.  However, THAT posting was split out to create an entirely separate thread and that fact was mentioned above.


Anymore posting to THIS thread indicating the cat needs to be taken to the Vet probably have no use, since it is an old thread and the original cat was taken care of.  smile.gif

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