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I believe Taste of the Wild canned cat food got my cats sick

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If anyone is interested in catching up on my previous post they can, but long story short one of my cats was diagnosed with ibd, but before we had surgery for her she seemed to be getting better for a week. Then one morning she was vomiting white foam and had really stinky diarrhea. That day we brought her in for surgery because we thought it could have been ibd or lymphoma. We still did not know for sure. Then that night we noticed fresh foamy vomit, so I knew it had to be from my other cat. He did not eat for three days and had very stinky diarrhea as well. The doctors did blood work and stool tests, but did not find anything, but I am convinced that it was from Taste of the Wild. The second cat I mentioned was never sick in his life before this and between the two of them cost my family almost 9 Grand. They ate taste of the wild for the first time on a Sunday night, and by Tuesday morning is when they both started exhibiting the same symptoms. I do not know if my mother kept the receipt, but I know were we purchased it, and the date, as well as being a member of the pet stores card club. 

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There doesn't seem to be a warning about canned, but certain batches of TOTW dry have been recalled.
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I did see that it was the dry food as well, however, I find it very curious that both of my cats got very sick shortly after eating taste of the wild and now that they recalled dry food, maybe the wet food was bad too. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but it just seems like too much of a coincidence that both of my cats got sick after eating a different brand of cat food. 

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You need to report it immediately to the FDA: That's the only way to help others with what happened so their kitties don't get sick, if indeed this is the food. Btw, I had bought 4 cans of it for my cats recently but have decided against using them at all just in case. 

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I just got this from a friend yesterday and indeed there is a recall of foods that include taste of the wild

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I see that the article mentioned Salmonella.  I had salmonella and C. Diff at the same time last August and ended up in the ICU for several days and a hospital stay of almost a week.  I still have some problems related to them, so please keep an eye on your cats to see if they have any lingering symptoms.


I realise that this post is slightly off-topic, but I hope to NEVER have anything like that again.

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And this pet food outbreak is an example of why the CDC gets notified of any salmonella case.

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Hello, TOTW cat food got my cat so sick he was dying and still might be. 
I take him, my dear Tigereye, every day to the vet. I do not have insurance, so hospital is out. I give him 24hrs of every day in care... He has been tested by a Vet. He doesn't have any of the viral diseases, even if the vet thought so. Thought it was FELV.  It was with TOTW food that got him sick! I know it because this is how it happened. I changed food on recommendation of the pet store. It was more expensive so I believed them when they said it was better.  I served it for about a month before switching back to Royal Canine. Because my cat was loosing weight and not liking to eat it. But he continued to show these symptoms and was going into coma when I ran to the vet. He has been given intravenous liquid for over 10 days now and is force-fed. All while he is a huge concern and a mystery to the lab and vet.
I know it was The TOTW product! I have the bag here. I am going to have it analyzed and that company will pay dearly for injuring and  (almost?!) killing my dear friend if they are indeed at fault! How can money be more important than life?! How can they sell dangerous foods...!? I am so sad!
Oh, and by the way, I live in Europe. I wouldn't be surprised they send their faulty stuff here, the stuff they recall from you guys.


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Without getting into the dry versus wet debate, that is I believe a personal choice.  Most of the issues with contaminated food that causes serious illness comes from dry food.  There are the occasional cans that have gone bad but that usually causes the more routine food poisoning cases.  I think most of the companies that produce dry food have had recalls of their dry food.

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@Katsal I hope you can get to the bottom of Tigereye's problems, and get him on the road to recovery!
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