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Happy Anniversary Tibby!

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I can't belive it's been a year already since I brought Tibby home. It's been a great year, she's such a great cat. It's so hard to have a bad day when this cute little girl is sitting in my lap giving me head bumpies. Or when she sleeping on my tummy while I'm watching television. I still remember going to the shelter to meet her. I had put up a classified on Pet Finder saying that I was looking for a siamese or siamese mix and I got an email from a shelter about Tibby. She was so shy at the shelter the first time I went I only caught a glimpse of her, but Margo at the shelter was so sure Tibby was the right cat for me. After a few more visits I agreed and I saw how much Tibby could warm up and how sweet she was. And Margo was right Tibby is the perfect cat for my house. She's active enough to play with Corkscrew but sweet enough and gentle enough to let me cuddle her. And she even puts up with me when I want to be silly and I carry her and sing and make her dance with me.

Thank you Tibby for a great year and I look forward to so many more wonderful years with you!

Here she is the day I brought her home, she's meeting my old roommate (her step meowmie) Marrion.

Aww my baby is so cute

She may be bigger, but not much as changed. Here's her I want the toy stance


And now she's all grown up!

I love you Tibby!
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Tibby has grown into a truly beautiful cat.

Happy Gotcha Day, and may Laura and Tibby have many many more happy years together.
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here's to many more anniversaries!

Tibbys a cutie!
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I Tibby too! She is soooo gorgeous (plus I'm a sucker for long hair blue-eyed cats.) Happy Anniversary! It's so wonderful that you found eachother!
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Happy Anniversary Tibbie! What a beauty you are!
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Happy anniversary Tibby!
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wow, she is a beautiful cat, haapy anniversary Tibby!! and many more to come
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Happy Anniversary! What a sweet story....how beautifully she has grown and filled out under your care!
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