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Do you make up songs for your cats?

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I know this sounds kind of strange but I sing little rhymes to my cats with their names in it. I was wondering if anyone else does this? Like for Corkscrew I usually sing..

Corky boy Corky boy
You're my little porky boy

LOL I'm sure you all think I'm nuts now.
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Sometimes we change the words a little to get their names in them. Yeah, we sing to the cats a lot!

"Midnight at the oasis...send your kitty to bed."

"Phoenix, Goddess of Purrs that you are..."

"Sunshine of your love" (I tell him "Walking on Sunshine" is a mean song LOL)

Max gets called Maxwell Edison sometimes (from "Maxwell's Silver Hammer")

"Hey Jude" becomes "Hey Jules".

"Soul Man" becomes "Coal Man".

There is a song on the Moulin Rouge Soundtrack "Because we Can Can Can" that becomes "Because she's Pan Pan Pan".

Also the first line of the Beatles' Polythene Pam ("Have you seen Polythene Pam?") becomes "Have you seen Polly clean Pan?"

"Desperado" becomes "Silverado".

Van Morrison's "Domino" becomes "Oh-oh-Romeo".

Still working on songs for Khepera and Osiris. Khepera's new nickname is a play on a phrase from Anne Rice's "Those Who Must Be Kept"; he is "He Who Must Be Khepera".
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I sing Zoey songs to her and I think she hates it Her ears go back and she looks at me funny
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I don't sing to them, but i have little nick names for Cocky R0cky, and Fluffers..
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I sing to them alllllllllllllllll the time :lol more then I should I guess!!

Bonnie we always sing shake your bonbon shake your bonbon, or we sign super bonbon

Moemoe, mr moemoe kitty kitty

Neo, neo super cuddle bunny purr head.

Nimby bimby bo bimby banna fanny fo fimby

And we just sing them normally songs to like the meow meow mix song and instead of who but the bump in the bump do wap, we sing who but the purr in the kitty kitty purr purr....

Yea I guess we are alittle silly with our babies. We make the dance some times sebastion is the best dancer Then they sing dancing queen!
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Yogi Pogi was a bear- Yogi Pogi had no hair!
(to my shaved kitty)

To Sophie(Elis-Bexter) we sing "Go Go Go Go Go Get over you!"

and lots of other little ryhmes!

Cool Thread!
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My other favorite one for Corkscrew is

Corky Porky pudding and Pie
Kissed the Girls and Made them Cry
When the boys came out to play
Corky Porky ran away.
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We make up songs and sing them to our cats all the time!

Here's the latest one. It's to the tune that Monty Python uses when they sing I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK.....

You're our kitty-cats and you're OK
You don't work at all and you play all day!
Lazlo you're a serious cat, but you love being brushed on the bathroom mat!
Tuxedo you're a bonker-nuts, but you love your dad & give him lots of head-butts!
Spooky you're our scaredy-cat, but you trust us lots and you love our laps.
Shelly you love to play Hide and Seek, but you're our King and we bow at your feet.

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I sing Zoey songs to her and I think she hates it Her ears go back and she looks at me funny
LOL Corkscrew does the same thing, but it just makes me want to sing more because I love the look on his face.
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Yes, I have a different song for each of them. Plus I use funny voices when I sing the songs, not my normal singing voice.
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LOL! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Sometimes I'll make things up to whatever is on the radio, but this is my favorite:

You toe pretty
You my kitty
And I lub you
Cause you my Ivo


You so stinky
Yes you are
You so stinky
But I love you

Ivo usually doesn't like it too much, either.
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Bad Bad Peedoodle Brown
The baddest cat in the whole damn town
Badder than Old King Kong
And Meaner than a Junkyard dog

That is every time Peedoodle gets hyper.

Funnily enough, if I sing to him, he snuggles up to me
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These are great! This is what I used to sing to Harry when he was a little guy: How much is that Harry in the window? The one with the big blue eyes! Harry, Harry, how much is Harry? How much is my guy ... silly, eh?
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LMAO! I had to jump in here....DH made up "THE ASHLEY SONG" to the tune of Casper the Friendly Ghost (the old cartoon).

"Ashley the kitty cat...her not skinny her is fat..she is Ashley the kitty cat!! She always says hello..and she's really glad to meet you. Whereever she may go...she's kind to every living creature (except rabbits). Kitty cats don't understand why humans love her the most. The kids all know they love her so..she's Ashley the STINKY cat!".

Kind of have to sing it in a baby-tone-ish way and some of it is a little But isn't that hilarious??? He does things like this all the time. Now tell me he doesn't adore this cat!!
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I sing two songs all the time:

sung to "Bad Boys"

Bad Kitties, Bad Kitties, whatcha gonna do?
Watcha gonna do when the Toeser comes for you?

Toes loves that song and even does a special kind of dance whenever I sing it or COPS comes on.

sung to the "Mickey Mouse Club Song"

Hey there! Hi there! Ho there!
You're as welcome as can be.
Toeser Hoser (Tailer Sailor)
Toeser Hoser (Tailer Sailor)
Forever shall we hold your banner high!
High! High! High!

Tailer thinks it's a little weird, but Toes likes it too.
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LOL we sing the COPS theme to them too..Bad Kitties, Bad Kitties, what you gonna do, what you gonna do when we come for you?

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Usually it it's to the tune of Allouette, that little French song.

Fuzzy panties, she's my fuzzy panties
Fuzzy panties, she's my baby cat
She my baby fuzzy-pants
She's my fancy baby fuzz
Fuzzy pants Baby fuzz
Fuzzy pants Baby fuzz
etc, etc, etc...

It's extremely strange I know but I can't help it! lol...

I also wrote a song for her a while back...
The lyrics are:

"oh how I love to destroy things
that is my favorite chore
scratch up and shred and annoy things
one thing or two things or more
etc, etc, etc..."
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Wow I'm amazed at how many people make up songs for their kitties! I thought I was the only one, I didn't expect anyone to actually reply to this thread. I like everyone's songs, they are all sweet and goofy and show lots of love for our furry friends.
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I used to sing to Rockford: (when we were fostering him for a little while):
"Rockford is a good kitty...
Yes he is...Yes he is"
"Rockford is a good kitty...
Yes he is...Yes he is"

And Berkley has a song too:
"Broccoli and cheese and carrots and peas, and potatoes..."

I sing Sterling's name to him over and over! Not much rhymes with Sterling
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Just when you think that you the only one who does something stange, someone posts about it. I always make up songs about Max. I usually make them off the top of my head and can't remember them. However, the one I usually sing is:

Maximillian your one in a million
I love your wiskers and I love your toes

It goes on from there, but I won't bore you.
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Bob, when he was an indoor/outdoor cat used to like to enter the house thru the obvious Beatle song "he came in thru the bathroom window".

Ruby gets the Ruby-duby-do, my Ruby-duby song.....

Ellie Mae (over the bridge dog) loved Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl....we sang it to her as she crossed and now I can't hear the song without crying....

Max (over the bridge) also loved Maxwell's Silver Hammer.....

We make up silly words to songs all the time and sing to our kitties. It helps that Steve plays guitar so we have don't have to go accapelo all the time.
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I love all of your songs! I had to dig up this thread because I had an inspiration last night.

Ophelia prances when she's getting her pets. She just can't sit or lay still, especially at night on the bed. And I'm her favorite prancing place, so I get kitty massage almost every night. She loves to knead on my back. So, here's my inspiration of the night, from Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots"

These paws are made for prancin'
And that's just what they do.
And every night these paws are gonna
Prance all over you!

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I do! I sing the word "Kitty-o" to the tune of "Mission Impossible" cause I know Leo is always on a mission waiting to swat as us.
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